Thursday, October 24, 2013

Owen's birth day

After weeks of bed rest I was thought that the day I was released from it and started moving around, our boy would come. Turns out I was wrong (never been so happy about that!) and he waited until just 3 days before his due date. About 12 hours of active labor (I had days and days of early labor with him) and just 15 or so minutes of pushing and his daddy brought him out into the world and onto my chest.

Lorelai was looking forward to being Owen's fairy godmother so we got her wings and a wand... it was a magical little moment to see her face as we brought them out. She has been watching over him quite tenaciously since. "Mama if he cries wah wah then you rock him. And if he's hungry then feed him. Make sure you be gentle to him. Make sure you take good care of my baby."

I pumped just enough for Lorelai to get to feed him from a bottle this morning. She was so excited. She fed him the little bit and instinctively wiped his mouth with a burp cloth. She's my little helper and he couldn't be luckier to have her. He's a big ol' chunk like Lorelai was but he has a far bigger head... 90th percentile. And yet no episiotomy this time. I credit my CNM for that. He seems so far to be a really easy going baby and a BIG TIME snuggler... which is a big change from my independent lady. 

This is pure joy. My boobs are giant rocks and other unsavory details but I truly truly couldn't care less. I'm like stupid happy. Delirious euphoric silly happy. Slightly afraid for my husband to go back to work but thats a worry for another day ;) today i'm going to kiss my yummy baby and play with play dough with my lady and her papa.



  1. Oh I just love all of this! Families are the best creation. Gorgeous pics.

  2. This is the sweetest. What a beautiful little family and most precious little babe! So happy for you.