Thursday, October 10, 2013

Número uno

Today was one of those days that started off bad... I didn't hardly sleep at all last night and Lorelai woke up in a "lets go go go!" kind of mood so the morning was rough. I thought I'd take her to the park so I could just sit and let her get some energy out... but it's been drizzling for what seems like the entire day. We got in an argument and my firecracker stomped her foot and shouted no so she got sent to her room to cool down. I went to her door and heard "I'm sorry mommy." I laid down next to her on the floor and we just snuggled and talked for a bit under her big blanket. About how it's hard that mommy is tired a lot. How its been hard with mommy throwing up and being in bed for weeks and how she has already been such a good help and a great big sister. She kissed my nose and told me she loved me.

We made Rice Krispie treats and she ate too many marshmallows. We watched the rain from the balcony and laughed about nothing.

But of course she wasn't satisfied with watching the rain from indoors. Not this wild flower. She stomped in puddles until she was freezing but I still had to bribe her to leave with a warm bubble bath.

This is my life's work, grinning from amidst the bubbles. Her belief in her ability to say no, the way she tells people she is brave and knows its true, the fact that she already knows she wants to marry a boy like daddy. That's what I do all day long. Along with rough mornings, tantrums, ironing and scrubbing the toilets. It's hard work and it will never be glamorous but I will also never love a job more. Even if I pursue a career sometime in the future when my kids are grown, it will never feel as fulfilling as this- laughing and crying and figuring it out with her.

Soon there will be 2 and I'm convinced ill have a moment much like the grinch where my heart feels like its bursting as it triples in size. Can't imagine the madness and love and NEW we are about to experience but ever so grateful we get to do it. I haven't changed a diaper in 2 years so here's to learning how to do this parent thing all over again.


  1. Katie, Lolli looks just like you in the picture in the tub. I seriously thought it was you at first! I loved this post. You totally got your firecracker you wanted in that one :) I know what you mean about the Grinch. I caught myself crying today just holding my sleeping Tyson thinking it doesn't get any better than this!!

  2. <3 so sweet. This makes me even more excited for motherhood. Way to go mommy