Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Round 2

That picture is awful and I just don't care. We hadn't slept in 48 hours and I was so swollen I looked slightly Asian but it was the greatest of great days.

We became parents. I became a mother. I had no idea what I was doing (I still don't) but I knew that it was all I could ever want.

And now she's so big. I love everything about this picture. It makes me laugh and cry happy tears. She's perfect in every sense of the word. And I had to take a picture of her first day of dance class from my bed because I'm not allowed to get out of it but she stood against the wall like a champ and let me snap a picture. And I've been looking at it nonstop since. She's so big and so small. I'm so grateful I get to be that angel's mama.
Im actually excited to start all over again. Newborn baby, sleepless nights, new learning curve. Because I don't think I ever really knew who I was until I was that girls mother. And I can't imagine how my heart will grow and how much joy ill feel when I get to hold my tiny Mann for the first time.

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