Saturday, August 17, 2013


9 weeks left of this pregnancy stuff and I'm at the stage where I'm uncomfortable enough to need fairly constant distraction. Thankfully Lorelai provides plenty. We have been having so much fun and I'm grateful for our one on one time since soon we will be a party of 3 all day.

When we wake up lorelai asks if we can go on an adventure... thats what she is calling our new dates together. We did this over the course of a couple days and she has been asking to do it again pretty much every day since- the shape adventure, circle style!
We read books about circles from the library and then went out in search of them.

Her magnifying glass has become a prized possession.

Of all the places we looked (our house, the park, the mall...) she had the most fun in Walmart. We probably spent 10 minutes in the button aisle.

I was impressed she pointed out the carousel as a circle! Id walked right by it. Just shows you how much adulthood kills your creativity ;)

Then circle art which quickly became very messy hand art because why not?

And a circle treat. She had a lot of fun mixing the dough and rolling the balls in cinnamon sugar. I had fun eating pretty much all of them myself... I know that whole "eating for 2" thing is kind of bogus as he's like less than 4 pounds right now but I dare you to try to take away my sugar when I'm pregnant. It's slightly more dangerous than trying to steal food from a shark. Don't mess with the fat lady.

Also this:

Because pancakes are much better with strawberries and whipped cream eyebrows.