Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I am not one of those people that loves being pregnant. I wish I was. I think it's so cool! From an objective standpoint I can appreciate that it is really a miracle and an incredibly beautiful process. But when I am actually lucky enough to be doing it myself, I cannot wait to be done. I feel sick and uncomfortable in an exclusively constant kind of way. I feel like I am just barely recovering from the flu, all the time... I am SO tired and just feel yuck. And that's after the first 4 months of extreme sickness where I really feel like death. My husband has a hard time with it. I get that. It's hard to go through but it would be really hard to just sit around and watch someone you love in pain and know you provoked it on purpose and there's nothing you can do to help.
But we always come back to this- Lorelai! What would my life be without her?! I am so grateful to be her mom and have her around every day to make things silly and fun. She is my best girlfriend.

(Yeah I sit in the handicapped seats at the movie theater... Pregnancy is totally a disability when no body else is in a wheelchair haha)

"Mama this movie is scary. Can I hold your hand?"

So 9 months of blehhhhhh doesn't sound like much when you get forever with your new soon to be best friend. I can't wait to squish pudgy cheeks and smooch little lips. The day I got married I thought I'd fallen in love with the last boy... Turns out ill get to fall all over again. I'm one lucky lady.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Big sis

This girl... she is the silliest, sweetest, strongest chick I know. She is the focus of my days and takes over my thoughts at night.

She's madly in love with her papa. As much as I'd love to think we are BFFs there is no getting between her and Dad when he gets home from work. Going to dinner ends up feeling like a date I decided to be the awkward 3rd wheel on. I wouldn't have it any other way. 3 more months and it'll be a double date!

Soon there are going to be 4 piggies in this household. I can't wait to see Lorelai with baby boy. She is already trying so hard to be a good big sis. She will tell me to have a rest when I start to look worn out or sick. She gives my belly a kiss and a snuggle before bed every night. She will put her little hand on my tummy and wait for kicks, all while talking to him and singing him songs. I hope she likes him as much once he is on the outside... Haha. He is a lucky kid to have her as a big sis.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Well hello there....

I suck at blogging. It's hard. I like to ditch time wasters so I said goodbye for a LONG time. Then I got on one day to read a particular friends post and started taking a look at my own. Turns out I forgot like 90% of what I wrote. I started thinking to myself "Oh I'm so glad I was blogging when I was first married and pregnant and had a newborn! I would have lost all of those memories!" I guess it's like having a diary. So I got a better app and I'm gonna give it another go, knowing full well that I will be extremely inconsistent but that I will be glad I wrote down some stuff at some point in the future.
Look at me making peace with blogger.

I digress... I'm 2/3 of the way done with this pregnancy and of course little mister is measuring big for dates.

Remember this perfect not-so-little monster? Hoping for at least 9 1/2 lbs this time... Kidding, sort of. Chris was 10 so basically I'm afraid for my life. But truthfully when it comes to babies, the chunkier the better. Bring it on. I just really want a mini chris. Isn't he just the cutest little freckle face? Gimme gimme.

Life is so good. Pregnancy is hard but so is everything worth doing. And at the end of the day I am not thinking about the backache or the blahhhhh... I'm stacked in a mound of pillows holding my belly and smiling at every kick and punch. I find myself wondering about this little bub... being pregnant with a boy is bizarre. Whats he going to be like? Is he going to be completely chill? Or a bundle of energy? Will he cuddle me? Or be completely independent? Mostly I just want to hear him laugh. Baby laughs are just about my favorite thing ever. Guffa? Giggle? Squeak? Snort? I seriously can't wait.

I really like Utah which is weird. But if there is anything I've learned in the last few years it's that happiness is in the details. It's in the good food and the family time and the spontaneous fun.

These guys are the coolest. I can't wait to add another Mann to the brood. A man Mann. The Mann's man. Our last name has provided me with endless material.