Sunday, May 20, 2012

2 years old

Lorelai loves reading and mommy has become addicted to finding her vintage books.

We were going to get a toddler bed but since we are probably moving soon it seemed dumb to buy a big piece of furniture just to move it... But Lorelai insisted on a big girl bed. So I just flipped the twin bed in her room around so the headboard could act as a guard rail and she loves it. She has been so easy on us with transitions and change. I am so grateful for her and all the joy she brings to our family. Love my little 2 year old. :)


More gluten free info

Sorry if this is bugging any of you "normal" folk ;) just skip it.

I went to the gluten free fair in sandy on Saturday and tried so many new and great things! is by far the highlight though. Cookies. Bread. Pizza crust. No weird textures or aftertastes. Twice I said to the lady "and this is gluten free?!" please get a coconut macaroon.

Also the same company that I get bread crumbs from, kinninick, makes a bomb pancake mix! My husband couldn't believe it was gluten free!

I also got some new info- dominos is now offering a gluten free pizza crust. They are of course warning that cross contamination is possible but let's be real- this not horribly sensitive girl is gonna try it out!



Sometimes you hear something and think, I needed to hear this. In fact, every person who is going to be a parent should hear this. I just loved it so much- so I'm posting it here to share it, as well as so I can come back and watch it to remind myself.