Monday, April 2, 2012

Mood board

Since we will probably be moving soon, Chris and I have been talking a lot about our next apartment. When we got married, we took every free piece of furniture available to us and didn't think much about the look of our apartment. We moved from an apartment with fresh carpet and tile to one with church carpet and linoleum because it saved us $165 bucks a month. Truth is, as poor students, we couldn't afford to care.
We have both decided that this time, when we move we only bring the things we love with us. And we actually (shock and horror!) spend some money on making our apartment look like its ours.
Did I mention I am peeing my pants with glee and cannot wait to move?

So here's the mood board we came up with. It's basically Scandinavian interior design. Chris is an extreme minimalist whereas I love pops of color and everything vintage so this seemed a great compromise. Plus it means we can do a lot of our shopping at ikea... Gotta love that. What do you think?


  1. I wanna live in your new apartment if it looks like this!!!

    I have taste like Chris - less is more.

  2. So exciting! I think it's going to look great!