Monday, April 16, 2012

Life lately

Life has been a little crazy lately. Chris graduates in 2 days! So he's been gone pretty much the last month or so. We don't know where we are headed yet, and Chris is quite satisfied to stay in Utah for a little bit while he applies to various agencies... A little break... Maybe even a vacation?!

I can't get over this picture of little Chris. Can I have a sweet little freckle faced mini-him please? Ok yes I'm getting slightly baby hungry. Which is funny because we had a couple of great friends babysit the other night and they said "if we had a kid as good as Lorelai I think we would be done."

I've thought that many a night where Lorelai went to sleep at 7:30 pm and didn't make a peep until 9:00 am.... But I want a big family so the sleepless nights are far from over.

1. I finally saw the hunger games and was in awe! I loved the books, I loved the movie! That never happens. 2. I kinda love her hair in this pic. Looks like she is rockin the awkward grow out bangs too. Gotta love those.

Could it please stop pretending its winter? We built our snowman. Now we are done. Thank you.

Lorelai's has daddy withdrawals. He has to leave before she wakes up in the morning or it's just too sad. She clings and clings and cries. When he comes home at night she runs to the door and immediately demands to be held. This girl loves her papa.

Soon all the madness will be over! And then a whole new kind of madness can begin ;)



  1. Asleep at 7:30 until 9!!! What! When does THAT start? I need me some of that! :) But I don't want to get too spoiled. The easier Finn gets the harder it is when he reverts back to some old 'baby' behavior.

  2. Remember when Lorelai was a diva? Well the same mommy who helped her get to be such a good little girl can turn the next baby into a good little whatever also. The sleepless nights pass. And you'd rather have her love her daddy than not care if he comes or goes ....