Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gluten free groceries

This is gonna be like the golden globes but for groceries...

And the award for best gluten free bread is........ Rudi's multigrain!!!!!

No seriously though. It's the bomb. Keep it frozen and toast slices when you're ready. All the Rudi's varieties are good but multigrain is my favorite. But make sure you don't pick up their organic but not gluten free variety. Messed that up once and needless to say i'll never make that mistake again. Oh and it's not to be confused with udi's... Which does not compare. You can get it at Harmon's or good earth in Provo but I've seen it in a lot of health food stores in las Vegas and NYC.

What should you put on your toast? If you haven't tried coconut butter- you should. Also try peanut butter & co's white chocolate wonderful. Oh my heavenly peanut butter. Or some lemon curd. I've seen all of these at your average grocery store.

Best frozen meal? Amy's gluten free Mac and cheese. Usually about $4 or less. Quick, easy, and delicious. The pasta Is never mushy and is almost a little al dente which is a miracle really. I always over cook it a bit because I love the browned cheese on top :)

Best frozen waffle? Van's gluten free- I prefer the flax seed variety. Great crunch, great flavor. I eat mine with just butter but they work great for syrup too.

Craving a snack? Grab some glutino pretzels. Buttery flavor, great crunch. I can't tell they are gluten free.

It's awesome that there are a bunch of varieties of gluten free chex... I like to eat the plain rice kind with chocolate coconut milk. Oh that discovery made my day. Chocolate coconut milk is so creamy. Great for baking too. Or blend it with a banana and some peanut butter to make freezer pops. Yum.

Another great cereal is the enviro kids leapin lemurs peanut butter and cocoa puffs. My daughter pounds these.

My favorite bread crumbs are kinnikinnick. They are crunchy and work great for breading chicken.

Best ice cream ever? Hagen Dazs creme brûlée. Oh. Em. Gee. But if you aren't a lover of custard like I am try talenti's salted caramel or Caribbean coconut gelato. Bomb.

And a quick trick- did you accidentally get glutened? Or just want to calm your tummy? Try chamomile or peppermint herbal tea. I am a full on addict. I add a little honey or raw sugar sometimes. Hydrates you, calms your body. Just good for you.

I guess that's it for now. Upcoming posts will be about dinners we eat on a regular basis, baking easy gluten free cookies, gluten free chocolate waffles with toffee sauce, and substituting eggs and dairy if you need to. :) let me know if there is anything else you are wondering about.

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