Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gluten free eating out in Provo

I have been getting so many questions about eating gluten free lately. It's so hard when you first find out you're a celiac... You try a few prepackaged gluten free cookies and breads and they all taste like garbage... So you assume that's your life now. Odd textures and strange aftertastes. Not so people. I promise. Not so.

I'm obsessed with food. I always have been. I like sugar and carbs. I love to cook and bake and have no issue spending 3 hours in the kitchen to make 8 dozen cookies. I love it. So I refused to accept that food wouldn't taste good anymore. I refused to accept a lack of variety. And mostly- I refused to accept that I'd never gain the weight back and I'd forever look like I was unhealthy. No.

So you're probably going to see quite a few gluten free posts from me in the next while. So if it doesn't apply to you- go get a cinnamon roll and skip right to the next blog. :)

Oh and here's the best recipe for gluten free cinnamon rolls I've ever made. And yes I bought their flour mix just to make cinnamon rolls :)

Ok so I'm gonna start with a list of places I have found that I can eat out without issues here in Provo or the surrounding areas. I obviously can't guarantee that your visit will go the way mine have, but these are my old reliables. And if you don't live in Utah this list will still give you ideas for types of food or dishes in your area.

Thai mango- I get the massaman curry (like cashew chicken) and Panang (like a coconut milk spicy chicken curry with eggplant and bamboo) with jasmine rice and they are so bomb. Each entree is about $9 and when we get those 2 curries, my husband, myself and my 2 year old eat dinner and lunch the next day. Cheap, delicious, fast, gluten free. And lots of dishes are dairy free as well since they use coconut milk. Gotta love it.

India palace- I get the chicken coconut korma and the butter chicken curry (it's a tomato based sauce). I envy my husbands naan every time we go but I'm grateful I can still eat so much of what I used to at least!

Sushi from Harmon's (I've also gotten it from whole foods)- I have my reservations when it comes to buying sushi from a grocery store... It is fresh? As in made within a few hours of consummation- not a few days.... But I have never been disappointed. I like the sushicado which is just salmon and avocado and the Philly roll... Cuz this girl likes anything that has cream cheese in it. Watch out for rolls with a brown sauce already on them and imitation crab... Both will contain wheat. While you are there don't forget to grab some gluten free soy sauce.

Red mango- frozen yogurt. All the yogurts are gluten free but I never get toppings as the probability of cross contamination is very high. Coconut and blueberry swirl- blows my mind.

Buffalo wild wings in Lehi- I get the traditional wings (they are fried- no batter) and 9 of the 12 sauces are gluten free. The ones that aren't are teriyaki, Asian zing, and Jamaican jerk I think- they have all the info online. All because of soy sauce. To make sure you don't get cross contamination, order sauce on the side. Sometimes they offer to get a fresh mixing bowl, sometimes they are busy and it's just easier to get it on the side.

Costa vida- I get a salad with corn tortillas, pulled pork, black beans and rice, tortilla strips, cheese, guacamole and house dressing. But they have so many gluten free options. They always change their gloves if you say you're gluten free. Love them.

Zupas- I get tomato basil soup (no orzo pasta) and their Caesar salad with no croutons. Once, the guy added croutons and tried to just pick them off... Lol the manager quickly stepped in to educate him and remade my salad. They are very gluten free friendly. And please get the creme brûlée. You deserve to be happy.

Malawis's- in the river woods. Best gluten free pizza I have ever had. The crust has a GREAT texture. Get the Malawi Capri and sub red sauce (their Alfredo sauce has gluten in it). Oh my yum.

Pf changs, olive garden, pizza factory, old spaghetti factory, red lobster, macaroni grill... All have gluten free menus online and I've never had an issue ordering. Chain restaurants seem to offer gluten free more and more these days, just be sure your server knows what's up. :)

My FAVORITE place- the place I will cry about leaving when we move- is cupcake chic. Oh my gosh. My husband gets gluten free cupcakes here even though they make regular because you cannot tell the cupcakes are gluten free. Call ahead and have them set them aside as they sometimes run out. My fav are the coconut. Once I was talking to the owner... She brought me out a fresh from the oven chocolate cupcake with salted caramel frosting... I nearly fell on the floor. And they do cakes too! For birthdays or weddings.... So so gorgeous.

I have honestly thought I was done with this list twice and then remembered something else. And I know I haven't covered every place. The point? A celiac diagnosis does not have to mean you are never going to go to dinner with friends or never going to be able to eat the most sublime food available. I LOVE everything I eat. I just do my research online before I go- I can't stand to be the person who sits down and has 30 questions. I want to get there and know what I am eating and that it will be safe and delicious. So get out there! Do some research online and go eat something yuuuummmy. Please and thank you.

Happy eating to you. :) xo

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