Sunday, March 18, 2012

Going with the flow

I don't like going with the flow. I'm a girl with a to do list and a plan. So no plan is much more stressful than a highly intense plan. I can get it done. Just tell me what it is!

Chris graduates in less than a month. All along my head was ready for new York. And then the last month or so Chris starts saying some of his top picks for design agencies are also in San Francisco. Which, let's be real, makes this west coast sunshine-aholic beach lovin girl quite happy. But now my brain is all crazy. The differences in life style are immense! But truthfully, it's all about where he gets a job. So I gotta calm down the efficiency Nazi in my brain and let the boy graduate.

So I am "going with the flow"... Sort of. Ive made to do lists for what we would do in each scenario and scouted apartments in both cities. So it's more like I am going with 2 flows trying to pretend they are both real until one actually is. And the funny part is we could end up somewhere entirely different.

I've never been to San Francisco. Anybody got any input on what to expect? The area I've been looking at is Berkeley actually. I've heard I should avoid Oakland... Any other tips?


  1. Berkeley is amazing. Its a hippie town. Oakland is Ghetto. You will love SF!! Its an amazing place. There is so much to do, and it doesn't smell gross like NYC. Plus you can actually own a car. You will love it there.

  2. San Fran is like Brighton on steroids. I can't say much about living there but the two times I visited were very enjoyable. I'm so excited for y'all and what lies ahead!

  3. GO for SF!!! you'll love it! All good of NYC except no annoying winters, relaxed lifestyle, great food and plenty of sun and perfect weather! love NYC from the distance!

  4. ps - i'd love to meet you someitme :) we are in provo - that's where you are, right?