Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas and other ramblings...

So I am at home alone with the Mac (this NEVER happens... consequence of having a nerdy graphic designer for a husband) and I've decided to get all 3 of our cameras out as well as our video camera and download everything and blog a bit. Chris is off watching a fight and I have the stun gun out just in case I need to defend our home.... I digress...

yeah we yogurt painted a christmas tree on the shower wall. why the hell not.
christmas pjs (lolli has reindeer feet)
elmo slippers... cheesetastic but we know what she likes
what we lovingly refer to as the "crackhead smile"
trying a bit of mommies rouge. tis the season.
this was from our anniversary in october. We thought we were (unsuccessfully) being arty. 3 years! Woah we are almost done.... :)
At the riverwoods. There is a place called Malawi's that makes bomb town gluten free pizza. And during christmas time they light the place up like a..... like a place with a lot of christmas lights. Its getting late.

Chris graduates in April (what the?! that snuck up on me) and we will be moving to wherever our hearts desire. AKA wherever he gets a job. Most likely NYC. I am really excited about that and loved our summer living there so I am ready to go! Anybody wanna buy a queen size bed? and 2 leather couches? and everything else in our apartment? ;)

Lorelai has been potty trained for a while. She caught on quick and hasn't had an accident since the 5th day of training. She loves her big girl undies and her potty book. She has even done a road trip to cedar with no accidents! Yay lollers!

Christmas was awesome. Lolli loved each and every event. We havent gotten to build a snowman yet because of this freakishly (awesome) warm weather, but you wont hear this girl complain about it.

I want to change my hair. like every day. its an addiction. I blame pinterest mostly. And sally beauty supply secondly. (notice how I, myself, am not on that list?)

I love to crochet. Like a grannie. I blame my young women's leaders and my (self-diagnosed) adhd. I cant just sit and watch TV, I have to be looking at my iphone or crocheting too. And come to think of it I blame my constant hair changing on my adhd as well. Which is, of course, not my fault. I am helpless in the matter. ;)

I am getting a new neice soon! I am praying (slightly selfishly and...) for Dixie that its sooner rather than later. Although I do hate that these tiny babies are all grown up by the time I meet them. I know that having the baby is free under the national health care there and all but I (not-so-slightly selfishly) would prefer if you guys lived by us!

I found out that sitting with a laptop actually ON your lap can be damaging to your reproductive system. Especially when pregnant but even for men. Well then why do they call it a LAPtop? I am using this as an excuse to not blog again for a few months.

But I'm not pregnant. and I plan to get a dog before I get (make, produce.....) another baby so if you dont see a puppy please kindly assume I just ate a large dinner. :) love you. (chris says I say this too liberally but I am pretty sure its really just that I love more people than him, you being one of them). xoxo