Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You love people for their details

Lorelai loves:
jewelry and sparkle shoes
her green dinosaur pillow
ANY stuffed animal she can snuggle
dolls and babies (she always holds dolls and pats their backs)
kicking a soccer ball around for hours
food. thai, indian, sushi, pizza, any kind of veggie or fruit. She likes food.
to eat with a plate and utensil - no more baby stuff
to dance- she likes kelly clarkson and taylor swift the most
to sleep- god bless her for this
to wear tutus
to give kisses and make the kissing sound
to say ball! or more! or no no no no!
to grin like shes on drugs and show me her gapped teeth
to brush my teeth while I brush her's
to be tickled and thrown around
to go on walks especially to the park- but dont try to hold her hand!
to go up and down stairs repeatedly
to "help" mommy put dishes in the dishwasher (also known as taking them out and throwing them back in)
to pretend shes talking on her cell phone
to see animals- especially pigs and cats and horses
to snuggle mommy when she wakes up in the morning and snuggle daddy before bed
to be a good girl. kind and sweet and easy. knock on wood.


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  1. Um...We need to get together so I can see your adorable girl and our gals can play....and we can finish...or remake those black skirts, since our girls have grown since then...hahaha...and yeah...
    The end.