Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Lorelai is the coolest person I know. Today we played with 2 tiny orange kittens. We have this (gorgeous, classy) granny that lives in the house next to our apartment who's cats have kittens constantly and she gives them away. We found 2 outside playing with lolli's friend Lilly and joined them. Lorelai LOVED them! It made me want a kitten so badly... Until I remembered kittens become cats. Ha.
Then I put lolli in the trailer and we went for a long bike ride in the park. Her new favorite thing is to blow the dandelions.
Then we laid on a blanket In the sun for a while just trying to enjoy fall while it lasts.
She wanted to climb the stairs over and over and when I said no let's go inside now she looked at me and smiled and then jerked her head toward the stairs like "naw come on ma... Over here" it was hilarious!! Of course I gave in.
She is the sunshine. She is sweet and sassy. She snuggles like crazy. I love my silly Lou.



  1. Dear Lolli,
    Your cousin misses you. She calls out your name whenever she sees a picture of you or another baby that looks like you. Please visit soon.
    Aunt Dixie

  2. I love this so much. And I love you and Lolli. You should post more.