Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The story of NYC

First- jet lag.

Next figuring out how to carry a baby and all of your groceries home from whole foods, then cook dinner. Exhaustion.

Then finding and ordering massive amounts of groceries online and having them delivered.

I also order diapers online and have a Netflix membership. Basically the key to being a mom in new York is getting everything online. That way you can just enjoy going out to buy fresh fruit from the vendors in china town and soaking up the sunshine at the park. Or you can hit one of the thousands of vintage stores. Can you tell I am loving it here? Ok good. ;)
Lolli likes it to. Ps thanks for my kicks grandma!

And daddy LOVES his internship and only has to work 9-6 which makes me very very happy. Chris is also a big fan of uniqlo here. It's a clothing store thats like a Japanese gap. We are really close to a lot of shopping so we've been going a little crazy. Why not? And it's getting to that time where my roots get outta control again so I think I am going to have to get my hair done here. I am going to have it colored my natural color and then get balayage highlights because (hopefully!) that way I don't have any more roots and up keep and can just get balayage highlights every few months if I want to. Like this:

It's almost ombré but not as daring. Anyone recommend a good salon under 300 bucks?



  1. yay! Thanks for blogging! I was just thinking this morning about you guys! I am glad you are enjoying yourselves in the big apple! I miss you and love you!!!

  2. Don't do it! Anything cheaper then 300 is terrible!!! It cost me 200$ averytime for color alone ( SEMI permanent! NY thinks that's " better " - sure it is! You have to go back in 3 weeks to get it redone). Anything " cheap" ( like ... Mmm ... 175$ will ruin your hair! Took me almost a year to recover. . Don't, don't don't! Even expensive salons do not guarantee satisfaction. Wait til you are done with NY or go to westchester ( metro north , to White plains), they are better. Or... It's big $$$$... Those are the choices. No hair ( or fried hair) is another one, of course...

  3. So glad to hear you're enjoying it there! On-line shopping is a dream! Lolli is looking like such a big girl these days!

  4. you out to check out sunday flee market by the museum of natural history ( 81st and 8th, i think... right behind the museum) - its a golden treasure for vintage , antique and refurbished things ( though refurbished stuff is not cheap, you get a million ideas :)). i miss it ...

  5. I've been waiting for a post from you for FOREVER! :) Wish I could check out the antiques there...there's a few here in Seattle, but I"m wishing for about a million more architectural salvage type stores...Can't wait to have my own house to decorate! :) Miss your beautiful face! Did you enter the giveaway on my craft blog?
    It ends today!