Monday, June 20, 2011

FAO schwarz

Giant lollipop!

Dollhouses. I could have spent an hour here.

Lolli's favorite part... Baby dolls.

I want:

Barbie mania... Made me a little sick. Barbie fashion show:

Barbie foosball. Did you see that? 25 grand. Ri-dunk-ulous.

My fave:

Doesn't look like Bella to me. ?

Lego Johnny depp. Lolli was not a fan.


Lou doesn't like dinosaurs.

YouTube Video

Tip: don't take your kids here past the age of maybe 2 or even before or you have only 2 choices: Spend a seriously ridiculous amount of money or have a tantrum on your hands. And go to candy last. There were some hyper active screaming crying kids in there.

Overall we found lolli liked EVERY single doll and wanted to snuggle each one. And she liked the helicopters. And that random ugly pig from the video. And we found that Chris will force his kids to like playmobile so he can play with it and I will do the same with a dollhouse.
Then to get some peace and quiet we just walked around central park.

Perfect Saturday.


  1. I love those adopt-a-baby dolls! ( so much, i got my daughter one for her b-day :))! Those are SO AWESOME!

    And candy there is pretty awesome too, despite of the price, tastes better then any other one :)

  2. She is such a snuggle monster! She is so cute! Vera keeps saying, Nonni, Nonni and pointing at her!