Monday, June 6, 2011

Buzz me up Scotty

No beaming in new York... Just buzzing people into your building.
See the columns? That's our stoop.

Looks safe right?

Ps I knew this place was meant to be my home when I saw this across the street.


  1. Yeah right, Katie! We know you were the one that painted that giant cupcake on the brick wall. Fess up.

  2. Oh, I MISS NYC so much right now! THe east side is the best! your apartment looks really nice - REALLY nice. SO glad you, guys, were able to get it :)

    Enjoy!!! If you haven't yet, check out the store , Goldwater ( AuH20 - how she has it, I believe) - google the address, I can't remember for 100%, but it's not far from where you are. It's a consignment/new fun designer clothes - if you check in here and there ( like once a week or so) you'll find the COOLEST clothes for literally pennies. I have people ask me all the time here, where I got this shirt or that dress.
    And I'm sure you walked the lower Broadway a million times already ... but if you haven't - there are some awesome shops there too...