Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Right outside our door in NYC there are like 5 park areas.
4 basketball courts, 2 soccer fields, a running track, a concrete area for roller hockey or skateboarding, a water area and the play/swing set me and lols often go to. Plus a bike path. I miss my beach cruiser and my baby trailer.


Monday, June 20, 2011

FAO schwarz

Giant lollipop!

Dollhouses. I could have spent an hour here.

Lolli's favorite part... Baby dolls.

I want:

Barbie mania... Made me a little sick. Barbie fashion show:

Barbie foosball. Did you see that? 25 grand. Ri-dunk-ulous.

My fave:

Doesn't look like Bella to me. ?

Lego Johnny depp. Lolli was not a fan.


Lou doesn't like dinosaurs.

YouTube Video

Tip: don't take your kids here past the age of maybe 2 or even before or you have only 2 choices: Spend a seriously ridiculous amount of money or have a tantrum on your hands. And go to candy last. There were some hyper active screaming crying kids in there.

Overall we found lolli liked EVERY single doll and wanted to snuggle each one. And she liked the helicopters. And that random ugly pig from the video. And we found that Chris will force his kids to like playmobile so he can play with it and I will do the same with a dollhouse.
Then to get some peace and quiet we just walked around central park.

Perfect Saturday.

I can eat this!

This last week I have been feeling really good about my diet. There are highs and lows (it all depends on my energy level) but the food has been yum. I thought I would share a recipe that is gluten free and dairy and egg free but also so delicious we would eat it even if I wasn't doing this diet. Simple fajitas with homemade corn tortillas.

It's just chicken, bell pepper, onion, olive oil and spices. Nothing to it. The secret is in the tortilla. Corn tortillas from the store can be hard and taste like wax. But these were soft and so yum AND so easy. I used this:

You just add hot water and salt. Then fry them up. Each tortilla takes just a min or two. So if you ever need to cook for someone with a lot of allergies this is a fairly safe bet!

Friday, June 17, 2011

I <3 the park

For real- Lorelai loves the park by our apartment. And swings. Oh the swings.

I did it by myself!!!!


Stay in bed

Thursday is a great day to stay in bed. Especially if you feel ill and weak and your daughter has another molar coming through. But even if you feel fine it can be really fun. See?

Eskimo kisses are my favorite.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"so what CAN you eat?"

So I've been sick. Emergency room visits (yes multiple) and doctors visits and no answers. I lost weight. Then more. Then I was 20 lbs lighter than I was in high school and barely holding onto my triple digits. Then I found dr Vance and he listened to me. He let me tell him my whole story not just the most recent problem. He made me feel like there was an answer to my problem and that he would find it. And he did! My body hates food. Which is sad because my mouth loves it.

Ha ha ok so I am allergic to wheat, gluten, dairy in general, citrus fruits and beef. And yes I am being serious. Allergic. The wheat allergy is the most violent but all of those are also very bad and there are some others that it would be better if i avoided. So my body was screaming at me to stop poisoning it but I didn't even know I was doing it. Anyway there is a lot to think about. A lot to change and figure out. But it's really nice to have an answer and I am really excited to feel healthy again. I just have to figure out what i CAN eat. Any tips?

Monday, June 6, 2011

This day was ideal. Sunny but breezy. So we went walking down grand street and found ourselves in little Italy. much unlike china town it is not hectic and crazy. It's so chilled. And smells like my version of heaven. And it's even on mulberry street! Mrs mulberry was very excited to see that!

That's what we occasionally call lolli. I'm not even sure where it came from.

Location:Little Italy

Our apartment

Our bright red door.

Our kitchy kitchen. :)

Our vintage living room:

The Chinese screen that give lolli a room ha ha:

It's a little crazy and our puerto rican neighbors like loud samba music... But I love it and lolli is still sleeping through the night so it is what it is. And what it is is an adventure. You follow?

Buzz me up Scotty

No beaming in new York... Just buzzing people into your building.
See the columns? That's our stoop.

Looks safe right?

Ps I knew this place was meant to be my home when I saw this across the street.