Thursday, April 21, 2011

7500 miles in 3 weeks

(little lou did so well on the drive down, she snuggled her sock monkey and sang kelly clarkson)

Provo to Vegas, Vegas to England, England to NYC. Woahhhhh Budday.
Im already in vegas. I LOVE the sunshine- even when its so hot you could cook an egg on the sidewalk. I couldnt care less. I will take that over snow in april any day of the week. And I love having family close by. And strangely enough I feel safer here... weird huh? Maybe just because its so familiar and I feel like I know my neighbors.
So I need a place with all those qualities that will actually work for Chris' job. San fran isnt a bad idea, as long as we can get some family out there. Anyway-
Chris got to Vegas yesterday and we leave for england saturday. We will do some exploring and some relaxing while we are there- I cant wait. On the to do list: A night alone with chris, de-lish indian food, sunshine and a spa day at Center Parcs, and lots and lots of playing with sweet little nieces. I might actually squeeze them to pieces. Then Chris leaves after 2 weeks for NYC and gets things set up for us. Then Lolli and I fly out a week after him. 7500 miles in 3 weeks. Perfection.
I am SO happy about our apartment. Its in the Lower East Side of Manhattan right near soho. China town is close, little italy, canal street. And our front door opens up to a great park. Its decorated with antiques (it came fully furnished). Its going to be an adventure. I cant wait to just go explore. Try all the crazy produce in china town, eat from food carts, go shopping- yeah you better know I put it in the budget :)
Then back to provo in aug to our same apartment (we are subletting for the summer) and 2 more semesters of school and then... the unknown. Yikes and Yipee and ohmygoodnessIcannotwait.
I am finally relaxing- letting go of all of the stress and the anxiety of making this all happen. Its happening. Its done. All of the to do's left are fun and happy and exciting. Its no longer shopping at walmart on christmas eve, running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Now its christmas morning. I am looking through rose colored glasses. And I promise you I am going to put on my bikini and tan in my mom's back yard today. Even if its overcast and 65 degrees its more than I have had in too long. And after that I am going to do nothing. I am going to hang out with my gorgeous daughter who is getting to be such a big girl and my husband that I have missed so so much. And yes betina- I do have skittles coming out of my ass. :) haha. Its one of those days. The REALLY good ones. I wont even ask for anything in my prayer tonight. I am all thank yous today. I hope your day is just as good or better and if it isnt- let me know if I can do anything to change that.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

hurry up and wait!

Lately I feel like I am just waiting for life to start. Waiting to go to england, waiting to go to new york (or finalize that I am not going.... at least!!). Waiting for chris to graduate. Waiting to live life like a real person instead of the crazy penny pinching maniac I am currently impersonating.

I am trying to remember to live in the now. To "be in the moment" like my mum (the U means my english mom) always says. I know I know. Patience is a virtue... I unfortunately do not posses.

I am sucking at it. Its a moment to moment struggle. Today I was ok at it- decided to just enjoy general conference and take a walk. Until it started snowing and I had to put lolli inside chris' coat while we ran home. And then there I was... waiting to get out of utah.

I honestly think I would feel better if we just had our summer plans finalized. I leave for vegas on my birthday (april 15th... tax day! super fun huh??) and spend a week in vegas going to the doc (a whole different story) and then chris will drive down a week later after finals and we fly out to england the next day- the 23rd. We are in england for 2 weeks and chris flies to new york and then lolli and I follow him a week later. But here is the catch- we have no where to follow him to! We have found quite a few apartments he could live in alone but none for all 3 of us. Apparently people in new york prefer tenants without babies.... we've tried every resource we know of... and are beginning to think we should take this as a sign I shouldnt come.

If all else fails I fly to new york a week after chris- visit him for a bit and then fly to vegas for the summer. Work out with my mom. Have play dates with my friend Britter. Spend time with my soon to come nephew Finn. Lay by the pool and get a tan. So I know I shouldnt be stressing because that sounds like a fun plan right? There is just the minor detail that I wouldnt see my husband for 1/3 of a year. no big........

There is so much irony in our wedding song.... "i've been waitin all of my life for you...."