Monday, March 28, 2011

You say potato, I say potahto.

This conversation happens between me and chris all the time in different forms:

"wanna bet who will be the final 2?"
"in what?"
"march madness"
I clue him in to what I am talking about.
"I dont even know who those teams are."
"sorry you cant share that with me. you'll have to get a boyfriend for that."
elbow to the ribs.

But really- my favorite part of marriage is that we are different. How fun would it be to always agree on everything? to have nothing to talk about because we have all the same hobbies? I am glad we are the same in all the things that matter... But I am also SO grateful for our differences. I know nothing about graphic design (or even really art for that matter...) but I watched a full length documentary on just the font helvetica. And was interested most of the time ;) And chris will watch a basketball game with me as long as he can hold the remote and change the channel during commercials. (same agreement for the bachelor) haha. Its all about loving each other for what the other person brings to the table right?

I didnt mean for that to come out like a sermon. I guess I have just been realizing lately that its ok that there are some things I will probably never like. I want to be a well rounded person. An informed person. I read parts of the New york times and BBC news daily... but I will never really LIKE politics. And I will always skip over stories I know will make me cry or keep me up at night. Some call it ignorance, I call it bliss.

And I recently found out I am not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. I get stressed out to the point of sickness when I dont have a plan.

Lastly I am a girl who will never want to live in utah forever. Lord please bless me with the sun. Vegas- I miss you my dear old friend. I saw that you will be in the 70s all week whereas it snowed here today. If I can find a way- I will soon see you with my swimsuit in hand. Until then I am being an idiot and doing a little tanning. So sue me- I need the vitamin D. I told chris I can live anywhere temporarily but when we settle down I require sunshine and at least one family member. So Australia, Vegas, and Texas are current options. Someone please move to california so I can add that to the list.



  1. jordan got a job offer in dallas... come move to allen texas with us ;)look it up, its a good community lol xoxo. OR come visit us soon to get some sunshine love ya. and i think you are very well rounded, i dont know if i would ever watch an hour video on a font just for my husband ;)

  2. I am totally with you on the sunshine thing. It was our #1 reason for choosing OK over some of the east coast school david got accepted to. I am so done with 6 months of winter! Also we've been thinking about settling down in Texas so you may have another relative there. I guess we'll see what the future holds. I just hope it's a warm, sunny one ;]

  3. You'll hate NY - even during the day the buildings block all the sun. :) And UT is VEEEERY sunny and WARM comparing to NYC too :) I vote for Vegas or australia :)