Tuesday, March 15, 2011

missing twin... ??

My sis in law sent me an email with a pic she found of my long lost twin-ish.

I think its pretty creepy/cool close. What about you?

Made me feel great anyway- she is on the urban outfitters site! Granted its likely for her quirky style...

but i'll take what i can get. :)


  1. And her hair is Ombre. Now you know what you'll look like with ombre hair! You should make yourself a modelling portfolio and try to make some money out of that gorgeous face of yours! I'm just saying!

  2. wow spooky, but seriously your way prettier.

  3. That is uncanny. She's like the angry version of you.

  4. I had to do a double take, ha. I think you have a slightly more petit facial structure, which makes you look more feminine. I agree with Dixie you could do modeling. And New York is the city of a million opportunities you should totally check into it as a part time job when you go. (It'd be way more fun then a desk job thats for sure ;] )

  5. I honestly thought that was you at first! How awesome you found your twin! I've always wanted to find that person who looks like me...

  6. That is completely creepy!!! So cool though. You do have more feminine features, but man it is CLOSE! I keep scrolling up to look at the pic to remind myself it isn't you. Guess Mom had a kid she forgot about. She does tend to forget things...