Tuesday, March 22, 2011

admit when you're wrong.

I have said before that I dont understand anthropologie. And truthfully I still dont... I still think it is crazy overpriced and that at least 50% of it could be gotten at DI. BUT...

Sometimes I go on there looking for inspiration and find something GREAT ... you know.... that one item you feel like you would want to sleep in. Eat in. Be buried in.

I found one tonight. Well thats a lie I found several. Their spring stuff is just really pretty.

This swimsuit reminds me of the notebook. This style needs to be brought back mainstream.

So I am willing to admit that I was wrong... that there is a place for it. Unfortunately there is just no place in MY closet for it. I put these three items in "my cart" just to see the total.


More than my rent, electricity, gas, and internet for a month. So needless to say I did not finish checking out. ;)


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  1. not gonna lie... anthropologie is my number 1 store ;). sometimes i make an anthropologie fund from hair. I will say yes they are pricey but some of their skirt ive had for 6 years and i still LOVE them and they are still in styl and still in great condition ;) xoxo miss you