Friday, February 25, 2011

well it worked out...

I had roots. bad ones. But I really didnt feel like getting my hair done was a necessity and therefore didnt want to spend a load of money on it. So I went to sally beauty supply and did it myself.

Its possible I was super nervous. Its also possible that I planned on having to dye my hair back to dark brown immediately afterward because it would be so hideous.

But, well it worked out. To my surprise. Its not perfect, but I like it. So I am going to keep doing it myself for the time being. Its also cheap. Like 5 bucks a time cheap (since I bought in bulk). sounds good to me.


  1. your hair is LONG and BEAUTIFUL and i love it BLOND!! good job.

  2. it looks REALLY good! Great job! love the length!

  3. it looks great! and i LOVE it blonde. xoxo miss you. i can do it in the summer for you, so you can relax ;)