Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family night

Chris came home early tonight and told us he was taking us to dinner! I love surprises and I love them even more when they mean I get to get dressed up! Lolli was very excited as well.
This is me trying to take a picture of myself looking surprised.... without triumph apparently.
We went to shoots- a yummy chinese restaurant in the riverwoods. It has been all redone and is super pretty now. you should check it out when it doesnt hurt your face because its so cold.

Then we came home and lolli got her snuggle on with papa.

Ok come on lolli- give mama some love....
So finally I got her favorite book out- you know those ones where on each page you can flip down the card to reveal something.
Which lolli likes to do herself- dont try and do it for her.
PS we saw something AWESOME in the riverwoods- its called provo beach resorts. While we were in pain from freezing weather we could see through the glass that people were boogie boarding on an artificial wave. It looked amazing. I want to go!!

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  1. My cousins went there with their kids and LOVED it! :) They said it was really fun. I looked it up and it looks like the only downside is that there isn't just one set admission fee for doing it all. You have to pay individually for each event, I think...but if you could get some "sun" while you boogie boarded, it might be worth it...