Tuesday, February 22, 2011

9 month check up and kiss face

Kiss face:

For those of you who care, I wanted to post an update and lorelai's hemangioma.

It has gotten so much bigger recently. We had been told (by the doctor and lots of research online) that most hemangiomas like hers start to get smaller and disappear between 6-9 months. So At the appt we talked to the doctor about options. There are a few but basically it came down to this:

1. Use a beta blocker to force it to go away (which is dangerous and requires a cardiac evaluation, EKG, and a 48 hour hospitalization).
2. Let it go away naturally with the risk that if she hit it, she could bleed out enormously.

For now we choose number 2. I just think that its almost always best to let nature take its course. And she is my only child so I have the time and attention to watch her closely enough for her not to hit it (hopefully). But we agreed with the doctor that if it continues to get A LOT bigger we may need to intervene.

For now chris and I are just fasting and praying that it goes away without issue.



  1. im so sorry little lolli! i hope it goes away! :)

  2. she really is a cutie. a perfect mixture of ya two!

  3. Ohhhh :( Lolli. We will pray for her too. Every time I think about her I already do. Go away! Her little face looks so cute in these pics.

  4. I so hope it goes away soon. That is scary to think about it bleeding if it got hit.