Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ok so the baby is still asleep... not sure how i got so lucky. So I may as well blog. This is sort of a random project that just fell into my lap. I wanted another bookcase/ somewhere to display the million picture frames we have. Seems simple enough- Only I wanted it to be free and unusual. I found this old 70s TV on KSL for free and the lady was even willing to use her trailer to drop it off at my house! So I spent a day taking it apart and gutting it (In my rubber kitchen gloves mind you- there were several spiders making a home in there). I bought spray paint and was going to spray the inside black, maybe put fabric on the back panel so something fun showed through. And then it started to snow. Needless to say it will be finished in april. or may. or whenever utah decides it will let me outside. But even though it doesnt feel completely finished- I already really like it. Not sure if anyone else is the world would- but I am the only one who owns one so who cares? :) Oh and PS- I found out afterward that if for some reason I had hit a wire wrong and gotten electrocuted, I would have died. I wonder if the rubber gloves could have saved me???