Sunday, January 9, 2011

i've gotten soft

I used to love competition. I played years of lacrosse in high school and we won state every year- I was co-captain my senior year. I loved watching sports and playing sports and don't get me started on catch phrase. I loved to win.

But since being married and having a baby I've lost my competitive edge. I've gotten soft.

I still love to watch or play sports or play games... but sincerely (and possibly somewhat pathetically) I just couldn't care less if I (or my team) win. I don't like putting stuff about sports on facebook because it seems to automatically bring on a slew of contention. Maybe I am over sensitive but I guess I would just rather avoid it.

Even as I say this chris is reading my post and says "you could care less not couldn't." To which I automatically reply "No its couldn't. If I could care less it means I care some. If I couldn't care less it's because I care the least possible amount. Its a common mistake." to which he immediately starts laughing.

Apparently I haven't lost my edge entirely. :)


  1. Come over for games (like we've been meaning to for forever) and we'll bring it out of you...and you're's couldn't

  2. ok. Before you even explained the couldn't care less thing...I read when you first said , "I couldn't care less", and I thought, good girl. I HATE when people say I COULD care less. Its so stupid! haha. Honestly makes my blood boil.
    And I'm with ya on the sports thing. But more so because I'm not much of a sports person. I hate when basketball season rolls around. I get so sick of reading about the rebels. or byu. Either way...It's annoying!