Thursday, January 6, 2011

as a reminder...

So I realize I havent blogged in forever- but come on- other than direct family its not like anyone is sitting around saying "man i really wish katie would update me on her life" so I am not going to give myself a hard time. In case you were wondering life is awesome. Its so good there isnt even enough time to blog about it and tell you. haha. Anyway this blog doesnt really count- its more for my records. I got a ton of sewing accessories and materials for christmas and cant wait to get started. So I decided to compile some pictures as inspiration for lorelais future wardrobe. But since I am posting this publicly- you are of course welcome to add any ideas or thoughts. :)


  1. the grey jumper is sooo cute! I wish it wasn;t only babies who looked cute in that stuff or else I would have you make me one :)

  2. The fourth picture down is about the easiest thing to make in the easy that I explained it over the phone to my sister-in-law today it's that east...
    P.S. maybe I count as your immediate family, cause i love updates on your life...

  3. i love your updates.
    and you should totally move here a.s.a.p i have such creative friends who do all the same stuff, you'd fit right in.xx
    (and then you'd save me the stress and make all my kids stuff)