Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Andrea's Baby Shower

My friend Andrea is pregnant with a little girl! Since this is her second girl she wanted to do a simple baby shower that was themed around just giving gifts of clothing blankets or fabric (since she is a master seamstress). It was SOOO much fun to throw this shower!! I love themed parties period but baby showers are especially fun since they can be super cutesy and girlie.

All the awesome guests.
We had "cute as a BUTTON cupcakes", "SEW what if these cookies aren't made from scratch?", "This punch is so good it will have you in STITCHES", and "BABY carrots and dip". And I tried to be trendy with that flag garland... I dont even know what to call it.
Thats Andrea in the left corner telling what looks like a very important story. ;)
We hung up some of our home sewn creations with wooden clips. Crafting with this girl is pretty intense. She knows her stuff.

This picture shows the garland we made out of buttons and fabric flowers (on the ceiling). Her little Brooklyn thought it was just about the coolest thing ever.

Go here to see the super cute invitations I forced my husband to design:


  1. P.S. The flag garland is called a bunting apparently...ya learn something new everyday...

  2. How fun! It makes me miss Utah & our ward!