Thursday, January 27, 2011

My current love affairs

I love:
my breadmaker
my sewing machine
spaghetti sauce mixed with cream cheese. Try it- youll never go back.
homemade baby food
the hunger games trilogy. I read all 3 books in 5 days. yikers....
my husband's buzzed head
thinking about baby names... but NOT about getting pregnant ;)
my camera
my sisters baby bump and kardashian booty. JEALOUS. of the booty that is....
my new brother in law and his fam dam bamily.
Lorelai saying "da da" even if she doesnt know what it means. and when she whisper babbles in my ear. and when she crawls into my lap to blow a raspberry on my lips. or tackles me to get eskimo kisses. ok seriously she is perfect. lets just leave it at that.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


So I guess I am kind of a softy.... as mentioned in previous posts... and kind of dread the day when Lorelai is old enough to be disciplined. I understand its a fundamental part of parenting and that its necessary but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it. Ha ha anyway I am just glad she isn't to that point yet... because I am still working on the "keep a straight face and don't laugh" thing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Andrea's Baby Shower

My friend Andrea is pregnant with a little girl! Since this is her second girl she wanted to do a simple baby shower that was themed around just giving gifts of clothing blankets or fabric (since she is a master seamstress). It was SOOO much fun to throw this shower!! I love themed parties period but baby showers are especially fun since they can be super cutesy and girlie.

All the awesome guests.
We had "cute as a BUTTON cupcakes", "SEW what if these cookies aren't made from scratch?", "This punch is so good it will have you in STITCHES", and "BABY carrots and dip". And I tried to be trendy with that flag garland... I dont even know what to call it.
Thats Andrea in the left corner telling what looks like a very important story. ;)
We hung up some of our home sewn creations with wooden clips. Crafting with this girl is pretty intense. She knows her stuff.

This picture shows the garland we made out of buttons and fabric flowers (on the ceiling). Her little Brooklyn thought it was just about the coolest thing ever.

Go here to see the super cute invitations I forced my husband to design:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

i've gotten soft

I used to love competition. I played years of lacrosse in high school and we won state every year- I was co-captain my senior year. I loved watching sports and playing sports and don't get me started on catch phrase. I loved to win.

But since being married and having a baby I've lost my competitive edge. I've gotten soft.

I still love to watch or play sports or play games... but sincerely (and possibly somewhat pathetically) I just couldn't care less if I (or my team) win. I don't like putting stuff about sports on facebook because it seems to automatically bring on a slew of contention. Maybe I am over sensitive but I guess I would just rather avoid it.

Even as I say this chris is reading my post and says "you could care less not couldn't." To which I automatically reply "No its couldn't. If I could care less it means I care some. If I couldn't care less it's because I care the least possible amount. Its a common mistake." to which he immediately starts laughing.

Apparently I haven't lost my edge entirely. :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

8 months

My baby is 2/3 of a YEAR old? WHAT?!

Its a strange feeling. 8 months is the amount of time I was aware I was pregnant. That seemed to go on for years. But it feels like these last 8 months have flown by in record time. Here's what bot brain has been up to lately:

She can stand up against furniture. She'll crawl over to the couch and smile at you until you pull her into your lap. Little charmer.

She can take a bottle!!! yay!! She will take formula or water, but still doesnt like juice. Funny kid.

She is SUPER ticklish in her armpits- like cant breath, its too much to take ticklish.

She loves to be growled at or surprised.

She will do eskimo kisses if no one is watching and she is feeling lovey.

Her nicknames range from lolli to Lo to L to Lo-Lie to smiley cyrus. :) last one is just for mommy.

If you sit on the floor she will crawl all over you- climb you like a mountain.

She loves playing with other kids and doesnt mind being poked at or trampled haha.

She loves to eat tortillas with cheese melted on top all ripped up, steamed peas and carrots, and rice cereal with nutmeg, cinnamon, or garham masala. I have even given her rice cereal with curry powder and she pounded it. Must be all the indian food I ate when I was pregnant. ;) A bunch of the books I've read say the earlier you introduce odd flavors, the more likely your child is to accept them. I guess we'll see how long it lasts.

We are still using cloth diapers and still loving them. She hasnt had a leak or an ounce of diaper rash since we got them regardless of getting 2 teeth and throwing up sick. I surprise even myself sometimes with how much I love them. I really didnt expect to. But they are so cute and easy and work so well for her. We have even used them while we traveled and had no issue. If there is a washer and dryer, they will come with us wherever we go.
Happy 2/3 birthday sweetheart! You are the joy of my life. You are so much fun to hang out with and you make me laugh harder than anyone! Thanks for being so happy all the time!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ok so the baby is still asleep... not sure how i got so lucky. So I may as well blog. This is sort of a random project that just fell into my lap. I wanted another bookcase/ somewhere to display the million picture frames we have. Seems simple enough- Only I wanted it to be free and unusual. I found this old 70s TV on KSL for free and the lady was even willing to use her trailer to drop it off at my house! So I spent a day taking it apart and gutting it (In my rubber kitchen gloves mind you- there were several spiders making a home in there). I bought spray paint and was going to spray the inside black, maybe put fabric on the back panel so something fun showed through. And then it started to snow. Needless to say it will be finished in april. or may. or whenever utah decides it will let me outside. But even though it doesnt feel completely finished- I already really like it. Not sure if anyone else is the world would- but I am the only one who owns one so who cares? :) Oh and PS- I found out afterward that if for some reason I had hit a wire wrong and gotten electrocuted, I would have died. I wonder if the rubber gloves could have saved me???



as a reminder...

So I realize I havent blogged in forever- but come on- other than direct family its not like anyone is sitting around saying "man i really wish katie would update me on her life" so I am not going to give myself a hard time. In case you were wondering life is awesome. Its so good there isnt even enough time to blog about it and tell you. haha. Anyway this blog doesnt really count- its more for my records. I got a ton of sewing accessories and materials for christmas and cant wait to get started. So I decided to compile some pictures as inspiration for lorelais future wardrobe. But since I am posting this publicly- you are of course welcome to add any ideas or thoughts. :)