Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas and other ramblings...

So I am at home alone with the Mac (this NEVER happens... consequence of having a nerdy graphic designer for a husband) and I've decided to get all 3 of our cameras out as well as our video camera and download everything and blog a bit. Chris is off watching a fight and I have the stun gun out just in case I need to defend our home.... I digress...

yeah we yogurt painted a christmas tree on the shower wall. why the hell not.
christmas pjs (lolli has reindeer feet)
elmo slippers... cheesetastic but we know what she likes
what we lovingly refer to as the "crackhead smile"
trying a bit of mommies rouge. tis the season.
this was from our anniversary in october. We thought we were (unsuccessfully) being arty. 3 years! Woah we are almost done.... :)
At the riverwoods. There is a place called Malawi's that makes bomb town gluten free pizza. And during christmas time they light the place up like a..... like a place with a lot of christmas lights. Its getting late.

Chris graduates in April (what the?! that snuck up on me) and we will be moving to wherever our hearts desire. AKA wherever he gets a job. Most likely NYC. I am really excited about that and loved our summer living there so I am ready to go! Anybody wanna buy a queen size bed? and 2 leather couches? and everything else in our apartment? ;)

Lorelai has been potty trained for a while. She caught on quick and hasn't had an accident since the 5th day of training. She loves her big girl undies and her potty book. She has even done a road trip to cedar with no accidents! Yay lollers!

Christmas was awesome. Lolli loved each and every event. We havent gotten to build a snowman yet because of this freakishly (awesome) warm weather, but you wont hear this girl complain about it.

I want to change my hair. like every day. its an addiction. I blame pinterest mostly. And sally beauty supply secondly. (notice how I, myself, am not on that list?)

I love to crochet. Like a grannie. I blame my young women's leaders and my (self-diagnosed) adhd. I cant just sit and watch TV, I have to be looking at my iphone or crocheting too. And come to think of it I blame my constant hair changing on my adhd as well. Which is, of course, not my fault. I am helpless in the matter. ;)

I am getting a new neice soon! I am praying (slightly selfishly and...) for Dixie that its sooner rather than later. Although I do hate that these tiny babies are all grown up by the time I meet them. I know that having the baby is free under the national health care there and all but I (not-so-slightly selfishly) would prefer if you guys lived by us!

I found out that sitting with a laptop actually ON your lap can be damaging to your reproductive system. Especially when pregnant but even for men. Well then why do they call it a LAPtop? I am using this as an excuse to not blog again for a few months.

But I'm not pregnant. and I plan to get a dog before I get (make, produce.....) another baby so if you dont see a puppy please kindly assume I just ate a large dinner. :) love you. (chris says I say this too liberally but I am pretty sure its really just that I love more people than him, you being one of them). xoxo

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Lorelai is the coolest person I know. Today we played with 2 tiny orange kittens. We have this (gorgeous, classy) granny that lives in the house next to our apartment who's cats have kittens constantly and she gives them away. We found 2 outside playing with lolli's friend Lilly and joined them. Lorelai LOVED them! It made me want a kitten so badly... Until I remembered kittens become cats. Ha.
Then I put lolli in the trailer and we went for a long bike ride in the park. Her new favorite thing is to blow the dandelions.
Then we laid on a blanket In the sun for a while just trying to enjoy fall while it lasts.
She wanted to climb the stairs over and over and when I said no let's go inside now she looked at me and smiled and then jerked her head toward the stairs like "naw come on ma... Over here" it was hilarious!! Of course I gave in.
She is the sunshine. She is sweet and sassy. She snuggles like crazy. I love my silly Lou.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You love people for their details

Lorelai loves:
jewelry and sparkle shoes
her green dinosaur pillow
ANY stuffed animal she can snuggle
dolls and babies (she always holds dolls and pats their backs)
kicking a soccer ball around for hours
food. thai, indian, sushi, pizza, any kind of veggie or fruit. She likes food.
to eat with a plate and utensil - no more baby stuff
to dance- she likes kelly clarkson and taylor swift the most
to sleep- god bless her for this
to wear tutus
to give kisses and make the kissing sound
to say ball! or more! or no no no no!
to grin like shes on drugs and show me her gapped teeth
to brush my teeth while I brush her's
to be tickled and thrown around
to go on walks especially to the park- but dont try to hold her hand!
to go up and down stairs repeatedly
to "help" mommy put dishes in the dishwasher (also known as taking them out and throwing them back in)
to pretend shes talking on her cell phone
to see animals- especially pigs and cats and horses
to snuggle mommy when she wakes up in the morning and snuggle daddy before bed
to be a good girl. kind and sweet and easy. knock on wood.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I've been up to

Skype dates. He gets home Saturday!!!

Hanging out with pops and Matt in cedar for the last few days.

It's been go go go for what feels like months. New York was crazy and wonderful. Then Texas was HOT and awesome. And now I am saying good bye to Vegas and my mom. I hear oregon is great though. Just weird to leave vegas... Possibly for good... ?
All my family has moved away. But I guess I have some pretty great friends to visit :)
I got a new(er) car. Red dodge neon... An upgrade for free? Thanks mom!
I already moved all out stuff back into our apartment in Provo so Chris just gets to come back and relax. I baby that boy. ;) good thing he's worth it.


I don't have any cousins. My dad is an only child and my moms siblings didn't have kids. Isn't that nuts?! So I really love to watch Lou with her cousins. She loves them so much.

Karaoke anyone?

YouTube Video

Now it's time for the beach!

I had no idea cedar city had a beach. It's just a small man made swimming beach... Which is perfect for kids! Lolli loved it until she tripped and put her face in the water and got an awful shock haha.


Monday, July 4, 2011


I think a lot about the woman I want to be. Qualities I hope to have, lessons I hope I teach through life long example. The woman I want to be is a lot less awkward. Better with words. Better at saying exactly what she means. She is certainly less flawed... But isn't perfect and wouldn't expect others to be. She says damn under her breath and loves sugar and eats ice cream for dinner. She spends too much time in the sun and has dreams about shopping. She is strong and capable and has a lot more energy than i do. But she is willing to have the whole house a mess as long as it means every one had fun.
But mostly she teaches her girls to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. That meekness isnt weakness. She teaches them that Audrey knew what she was talking about when she said that "the happiest girls are the prettiest girls" and that bodies are to be appreciated and not picked at. That nurturing is the greatest and most powerful thing a woman can do in his world.
She teaches her boys that romance should be their first language. That men can and should cry occasionally and can and should show affection daily. That if they work hard and are respectful than they have already made me proud. That family comes first always.

I know shes sorta sitting inside me trying to show her face. Maybe 10 more years. Maybe 50. But I refuse to die before she is me.

Oh and ps... In my head she wears dresses and high heels, but I'm sure that's just because on my favorite days thats what I want to wear.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Right outside our door in NYC there are like 5 park areas.
4 basketball courts, 2 soccer fields, a running track, a concrete area for roller hockey or skateboarding, a water area and the play/swing set me and lols often go to. Plus a bike path. I miss my beach cruiser and my baby trailer.


Monday, June 20, 2011

FAO schwarz

Giant lollipop!

Dollhouses. I could have spent an hour here.

Lolli's favorite part... Baby dolls.

I want:

Barbie mania... Made me a little sick. Barbie fashion show:

Barbie foosball. Did you see that? 25 grand. Ri-dunk-ulous.

My fave:

Doesn't look like Bella to me. ?

Lego Johnny depp. Lolli was not a fan.


Lou doesn't like dinosaurs.

YouTube Video

Tip: don't take your kids here past the age of maybe 2 or even before or you have only 2 choices: Spend a seriously ridiculous amount of money or have a tantrum on your hands. And go to candy last. There were some hyper active screaming crying kids in there.

Overall we found lolli liked EVERY single doll and wanted to snuggle each one. And she liked the helicopters. And that random ugly pig from the video. And we found that Chris will force his kids to like playmobile so he can play with it and I will do the same with a dollhouse.
Then to get some peace and quiet we just walked around central park.

Perfect Saturday.

I can eat this!

This last week I have been feeling really good about my diet. There are highs and lows (it all depends on my energy level) but the food has been yum. I thought I would share a recipe that is gluten free and dairy and egg free but also so delicious we would eat it even if I wasn't doing this diet. Simple fajitas with homemade corn tortillas.

It's just chicken, bell pepper, onion, olive oil and spices. Nothing to it. The secret is in the tortilla. Corn tortillas from the store can be hard and taste like wax. But these were soft and so yum AND so easy. I used this:

You just add hot water and salt. Then fry them up. Each tortilla takes just a min or two. So if you ever need to cook for someone with a lot of allergies this is a fairly safe bet!

Friday, June 17, 2011

I <3 the park

For real- Lorelai loves the park by our apartment. And swings. Oh the swings.

I did it by myself!!!!


Stay in bed

Thursday is a great day to stay in bed. Especially if you feel ill and weak and your daughter has another molar coming through. But even if you feel fine it can be really fun. See?

Eskimo kisses are my favorite.