Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cloth diapers

First things first, I will let you know that the idea of this originally made me want to vomit. I could be quoted saying things like "That seems like a lot of work elbow deep in poop." or "Would you use a reusable tampon? NO. So why would I use reusable diapers?"

But alas, your budget can change your mind about just about anything. I love the saying that a penny saved is a penny earned. Right now I dont earn any actual money so I feel like the fact that I cook and we always eat in, I coupon clip, and now use cloth diapers= the way I earn money.

2 things helped me to make the transition. The first was a simple conversation on facebook where a mom who uses them was raving about how awesome they are and how they have changed a ton since our moms were using them. The second was that I use organic cotton breast pads. I always found the disposable ones uncomfortable, expensive and I was constantly running out! I have saved 20 bucks a month (at least) using them and so far that= 100 (after subtracting the purchase price). And I will be using them for 6 more months (I plan to breastfeed until she is 1) and will prob get to use them on my next kid. So I thought... Maybe I will just do some research about these cloth diapers to make sure it is as gross as I think it is.

I was wrong. Sure- you will see poop. But only when you are wiping it off your kid's butt just like a disposable! These are not the crappy leaky stained diapers of years long ago. No more pins, no more nonsense. Since I have used them I havent had one leak. My little one has had diarrhea, has slept in one for 12 hours, you name it- these suckers can handle it. Oh and it got rid of her diaper rash!!

There are about 60 different brands and then there are like 60 different kinds within the brands. I researched for about 40 hours... I kid you not. And then ended up contacting that first mom who raved about them. I bought the bumgenius pocket one size diapers with hook and loops. Let me explain the lingo:

-Bumgenius is the brand. They are awesome, fairly priced, and come in way cute colors.
-Pocket means that you insert a pad into them that absorbs all the... mess. :) there are prefolds (more like the ones our mommas used) and all in ones. The all in ones are the most like disposables but I decided against them since they take a LONG time to dry (since its all one piece sewn together) and you have to use a new one each diaper change whereas with pockets if its just wet you can just change out the pad.
-One size means they fit from 7-35 lbs. Yes friends that means they will fit from birth to potty training saving you THOUSANDS of dollars. You can buy them sized but to me this is just a waste of money. The one size has ways to adjust it so it fits great.
-Hook and loops just basically means part of it is velcro. Originally I wanted to buy the ones with all snaps because I figured they would last longer but i soon realized that a squirming child will not wait for you to snap everything in the right place- velcro is just more functional. And the velcro is more heavy duty then you expect- I see it lasting a long time.

When you actually use them.....
Changing her diaper isnt really that different. I change it in the bathroom so I have easy access to everything i need. If its solid- plop it in the toilet, if its not-it can be washed out in the washing machine. No need to rinse and get your hands all mucked up. "if its not ploppable, its washable" haha. I use cotton wipes too so that I can just put the whole thing in the pail. Then when it comes time to wash I just dump all the diapers in the wash. You do a prewash in cold to get the .... stuff... out, then a full wash in hot. You can do an additional rinse in cold but I havent needed to. They dont stain and actually get bleached by the sun if you line dry them (which I currently dont since I dont have a backyard and I still havent had to worry about stains). You have to use the free and clear detergent but its about the same price as anything else if not cheaper (we were using dreft and her sensitive skin actually does better on this stuff). It makes sense- no chemicals,dyes,fragrances, etc. I literally havent found a con to it yet.

When we are on the go I just put them in a ziplock bag. There are the super cute bags called wetbags specifically made for it but come on- the point of this was to save money. There are also special bags to line the diaper pail with. Again... I feel its unnecessary. I have 12 which means I wash every day. She uses 8-10 a day so I have time to wash them before she runs out. If I didnt have a washing machine in my apartment, or if I wasn't a full time mommy I would get more for sure.

The sites I use:
I like this site because it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee- EVEN if you have used them and washed them!!
I like this site because they have a little more selection, and also because they sell the bumgenius 3.0. Bumgenius came out with a 4.0, which of course made the 3.0 dirt cheap. but they are super hard to find. That link takes you to the 3.0s but they only have them in white- dont worry- they really wont stain. The outside is made of polyester so it is waterproof and stain proof.

Ok one last thing... I wonder if anyone is even still reading. haha. I promise this will save you a lot of money. I bought my entire set (12 diapers, 24 pads, wipes and everything) for 180. That is about what i spent in 3 months of disposables. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them!!


oops one last thing. If you order over 100 bucks on cottonbabies right now, put a pair of the baby leg warmers in your cart and enter in the coupon code FREEBABYLEGS and they are free! :) I got a super cute polka dot pair. The end.


  1. are you talking about brittany hunt? and my facebook?

  2. Okay, so I saw your blog on Andrea's blog and I just have to say that this has totally changed my perspective on cloth diapers, I am also one of the ones who thought they were totally gross at first...I am definitely considering them now...

  3. Oh, and my cousin wanted you to know this (these are her words):

    "Adam read this to me and this helps ALOT! I think more mothers ought to do cloth the planet and the pocket, especially in this economy!!"

  4. Katie, I didn't realize my original comment (before the one above) didn't post. But I basically said that I pop in on your family blog every now and again. And that I read this to my cousin...who is researching cloth diapers because she's due in about 5 months. She thinks this post was the best. Also, I think cloth diapers are awesome and wondered if people still had to do pins etc. So thanks.

  5. Thank you so much for all your advice! Jackie Welling referred me to your blog when she found out I was doing cloth diapers and you really helped. I decided on bum genius, thank you!