Saturday, November 6, 2010

6 months!!

I can't believe she is 6 months old. My baby is QUICKLY growing out of her babiness. In the last month she has developed SO MUCH personality. She reacts to things she didnt before- seems so much more aware. Im loving hanging out with her! She is so sassy. She makes the most grown up noises and facial expressions. You always know whats on her mind. She laughs at everything- especially other people's laughs. She loves to read books. Her favorite thing to play with is currently her plush tree house with all of the stuffed animals inside. She is particularly fond of the stuffed grasshopper. She likes to be scared- jump out and yell boo and she will giggle like crazy. I love this little girl so much it hurts. She is my everything. Happy 1/2 birthday Lorelai!

Little lolli in her cloth diaper. As soon as I took the tutu off she started to get shy and cover her belly with her hands. Thats right L! Modest is hottest. Some other mile markers:
-She can roll all over the place and scoot a little. Using this method she can get from one side of the room to the other in 10 seconds. SCARY.
-She can feed herself. She does this with rice puffs and freeze dried yogurt bites.
-She loves all kinds of food- her favorite is still plain rice cereal. The only thing she has ever refused is formula. She will suck on a lemon but she wont let me mix one scoop of formula into her rice. And she will not take a bottle. Im really hoping she has gained weight at her 6 month check up because if she hasnt she may have to go to formula. That would make for an interesting few days. But she looks pretty chunky in the pics right? keepin my fingers crossed.
-She is a great sleeper/napper and can put herself to sleep. She still loves to be swaddled which I am grateful for since the nights are so cold!
-She has a goofy laugh. I need to post a video of me tickling her. She goes crazy.



  1. She's gorgeous! She looks like she's the perfect weight for her size. Aw, little Lolli, you are beautiful.