Monday, October 4, 2010

wish list

I realize it is a little early for a Christmas wish list but as you have probably guessed- I like to get things done and I like lists.

Things I want:


2. a sewing machine
3. someone to do my hair every 2-3 months
4. oops i bought number 4. Its a workout system. It is normally like 80 but I got it on ebay for 38 bucks with shipping and everything. From hong kong. haha we shall see how that works out. I promise to work out with it from home- I NEED the exercise. I am inspired. too bad it wont get here for 28-35 business days.
5. whatever my family decides to get me.

The end. Wait that was a horrible list. I cant really think of anything else I want tho... well...

more than anything what a want right now is a job i can do from home or bring lolli to. Please Santa!! make it happen!!!

Oh Lorelai wants to make a wish list too:
1. to see all my grandparents
2. to try pumpkin pie and whipped cream
3. a vintage peacoat this this one:

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