Thursday, October 14, 2010

vegas, snot, and laughter.

I have been on a temporary hiatus from blogging. I went to Vegas and saw my fam-dam-bamily and a bunch of old friends. Saw one of my besties get married to her high school sweet heart. Got my hair did by another bestie (for the cost of the color!! Girl you rock my socks off). Got the best set of hand me down clothes I have ever received from my sister. Got my car fixed so it doesn't shake when I brake anymore... a little nerve wracking... thanks mom. All in all an amazing trip.

Got home and I was already bushed from a 6 hour drive there and back and taking care of the baby solo since chris had to stay in utah and work. And then Lorelai got a cold.

pause. breath....

I vow to wash my hands like a mad woman. I vow to limit taking lorelai out of the house as much as possible. I vow to avoid sick people as if they have leprosy.


I seriously do not think I could be more tired. I do not think I could be in more pain (oops did I mention I AM SICK TOO????) I am beyond my point of frustration or depression. I am too tired to do anything but feed and sleep, feed and sleep. Poor chris may have slept 5 hours last night (oh and I forgot to mention that CHRIS IS SICK TOO.) Lorelai cried and cried and wouldnt settle and even though he was in bed and I was the one rocking her- you cant sleep through my lollis cry. So he got up at six and went to work and school anyway, knowing he wouldnt come home for more than 12 hours minimum.

Now I know why everybody jokes about how rough their life was starting out. "I had to walk uphill in the snow both ways and we didnt eat anything but cabbage soup and my children never slept through the night until they were 1." Because some days it is so hard that if you dont laugh, you may just cry.

But really. It could be worse. So much worse. So tonight I say a prayer of thanks thats its not strep. That we are all still alive. That we have food to eat and a place to sleep that is warm and safe. And then I am going to snuggle my husband and laugh at the fact that I know I am not getting any sleep tonight. Laugh at the fact that everytime lolli settles down into sleep she chokes on her snot and starts crying again.... hahaha I am laughing right now. Its all good. Bring it on.

Note to self: next time you have a baby have family close by who can help when this kind of stuff happens.
2nd note to self: convince a family member to move with you when you go to new york.

and lets throw a ps in there as well. PS those nose sucker things are disgusting... and amazing. I watched my sister use it the experienced mom way and clear her nose in like 3 seconds. Now if only we lived close enough for her to do that right now.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha
    Brooklyn has had a cold for 2 days (only 2 days mind you...I swear she didn't give it to Lolli) and I've been using that nose sucker thing nonstop (p.s. we call it the 'blue elephant') and she HATES it...I think the amount of crying she does while I'm clearing her out makes more mucus than what I get out and it ends up being pointless...I need your sister to live close enough to use it the expert mom way on Brooklyn yeah...
    Don't die, we have more things to craft...and need to meet up at the library too, once our kiddies are better...

  2. Sick baby and sick mommy is the worst combination I can think of. Vera had her first cold last month. I wanted to DIIIIIIIIIE. We definitely took advantage of Omi that week! Hang in there. It will pass.

  3. at least you can see the positive sometimes when lifes like that, you dont care how bad others have it, all you know is that your so tired you could die and who cares about anyone else...