Sunday, October 3, 2010


They say you love people for their details. I agree. Although I am not sure who "they" are and maybe "they" didnt even say it but I think it's true.

Chris' hilarious quirks:
1 He loves pens and stationary. Art supplies. Got excited to by a rubber mat that you could cut on.
2 He gets more english around english people. I thought this was strange until I realized I get more jensen around my sisters. More Las Vegan at UNLV games.
3 He literally cannot put his towel away. He must use it and drop it wet on our bed or the floor. I put it away every single day. I dont even mind... Makes me laugh.
4 Orange cheese burns his throat- he is allergic. BUT white cheese is fine. I honestly thought he was kidding at first but its no joke. And raw carrots burn but if they are cooked they are fine. I cannot find a reason.
5. He loves to make out and cuddle. Awesome!!
6.He thinks the weirdest stuff is funny. Seriously I watch it and understand like 1/4 of it... and dont laugh once. But he has also introduced me to some stuff that makes me laugh so hard I pee my pants like this:

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