Thursday, October 28, 2010

I think its funny...

My favorite time of the day is bed time... but not because of the sleep- because of the crazy conversations chris and I ALWAYS have right before bed. Sometimes they are giggle and fall asleep funny... but sometimes they are stifle your laugh so you dont wake the baby pee your pants funny. Last night was one of my favorites.

Oh and you'll need to know that chris and I spent our honeymoon on a beach in Australia in a city named Cronulla...

Katie "I miss being relaxed. I feel like I am anxious all the time. I just want to go on vacation and zone out for a day. That idea of freedom from stress, that makes me think of cronulla."

Chris"yeah thats the second thing I think of when I think of cronulla."

K "whats the first?"

C"what do you mean?"

K "well you said thats the SECOND thing you think of, whats the first?"

C "I think of cronulla, then I think of being relaxed."

I begin to laugh as I realize that chris isnt kidding and he doesnt have anything he thinks of before being relaxed...

K "that saying goes, when I think of cronulla the first thing I think of is...."

C "that doesnt make any sense. When I think of cronulla the first thing I think is- oh cronulla. the second thing I think of is being relaxed."

Again I am laughing hysterically. I try to explain to him again that the expression is "when i think of cronulla (so you have therefore already thought of it) the first thing i think of is (as in the first thought after this)..."

C "That isnt politically correct."

Again I am laughing hysterically. This time too loud and chris begins to stifle my laughs with his hand and say "shhh" between laughs.

K "honey this has nothing to do with political correctness. That isnt how you use that expression either."

He lies in bed a little confused and a little doubtful while I lean over and get my phone. I start typing and he looks over to see who I am texting. He sees that I am making a note so that I remember to blog about this conversation.

C "I dont even care because no one will think its funny."


  1. haha! I thought it was funny...We have those conversations too, but they are mostly Thad laughing because he's talking to me when I'm half asleep so I don't make any sense...If I"m awake, I'm usually coherent...

  2. i thought it was way hillarious but only cause i could totally picture chris saying it ahaha