Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i hate cars

They try to make it look cool. But its evil.

Today I am depressed/frustrated/stressed/enraged.

Today I took my car in because I have 3 problems. 1. the switch that makes the air change from blowing on your face to your feet or defrosting your window no longer works. Always blows on your face. 2. the window on the drivers side sometimes decides to not go up. The motor needs to be replaced. 3. The check engine light is on. They would like me to pay $540 for the first 2 problems... and then they will "look into" the last problem. Last time they did that it cost me over $500 to find out a part that cost $8 needed to be replaced.

And I just recently had my front rotors turned, got new brake pads on front and back, and had to get new drums. To the tune of $550.

So as you can probably guess, I am just a little disgruntled.

I think the place I go to sees a 16 year old girl with a baby (lets be honest I am lucky if they guess 18) and they mess me over as hard as physically possible.

I will admit this is my first and only car. I have had this thing since I was 15... it is now 8 years old. I didnt know what I was doing when I picked out my car... honda, chevy, ford... ??? All I saw was red (which I HATE now by the way) and I was sold. Chris and I have spent at least 3 thousand bucks repairing this thing in just the last 2 years. I am not talking oil changes- I am talking the speedometer broke, I have replaced the motor for the window on the other side, the fuel pump needed to be replaced..... ETC. I dont believe I have ever hated an object as much as this car.

I am thinking about getting an apartment near the hospital so I can just get rid of it. Chris can bike or walk to campus and if any emergency happens I will just run to the hospital. I can ride the bus... did it a lot when I was younger. Why not? No more repairs, no more car insurance, no more anxiety every time something shudders or makes a noise or the check engine light comes on. No more worrying about a car accident. No possibility of tickets... wow this list goes on and on. There are only 2 cons. I would HATE grocery shopping. And I would never see my family again.

Fine. Car- I would like you to know that I hate you. I feel you are high maintenance and you have lowered my expectations of vehicles in general. You are a disappointment to your kind. But you are paid off and I cant afford to make payments on something new so I will keep you for now. Its possible i will stop fixing you. I may just let you run yourself into the ground. But I will keep you. PS does anybody feel like totaling my car? you are welcome to it.


  1. its true, you have a crappy car! I could of told you that when you bought it. Sorry! I should of and saved you then! sorry you have to go through hell with it!

  2. Where do you take your car?!?! YOu should take it to Ray's Campus American Car Care right across the street from Wendy's on Bulldog Ave...Ray is the sweetest old man you'll ever meet...they look into things QUICKLY and they are FAIR and they give GREAT student discounts...They still gave me the student discounts even though I was a teacher cause they said that was close enough...They spent hours trying to figure out why my check engine light was on once, I took it in at least once a week for several weeks...and they never charged me a penny...Love them...Go there...The end...

  3. oh, also, they fixed what their computer system thingy said was wrong with the truck once, and then it turns out the real problem was something else, so they didn't even charge us for the fixing the real problem cause they'd already charged us and fixed the wrong thing...the real problem was more expensive...