Monday, October 18, 2010

brits aren't cowboys

We had a stake activity that was western themed. Chili cook off, horse shoes, lots of food and this fun little photo station. I was obviously stoked. Got out my cowboys boots, my belt with the big buckle, my plaid shirt, my hat... I am american. OF COURSE i had the whole get-up on hand. Chris had nothing. It took me about an hour of convincing to get chris to even dress up. I told him he was more likely to get made fun of if he didnt dress up than if he did. (I kid you not on every 4th of july weekend when we sing America the beautiful in church people stare at him and laugh waiting for a reaction. He promptly smiles and rolls his eyes.) I told him that he loves his american wife and daughter and that he wouldnt be here if he didnt love this country. All true. So he agreed. He had to borrow a hat from the neighbor, he wore flip flops and one of his white button ups.... AND LOOKED RIDICULOUS.

I totally ate it up. Tried to get him to say yee-hah and the whole thing. There were actual ranchers and cowboys there in spurs and chaps and he was like "wow awesome costume" and they just looked at him blankly. Needless to say I was thoroughly entertained. This picture sums it up for me. Whats funny is he really just looks like indiana jones....

I always thought I'd be a cowgirl. I have pictures of me as a 2 year old in a diaper and cowgirl boots. But Lorelai will not grow up on a ranch- more likely in the middle of brooklyn (or hopefully manhattan one day). Dont worry though- she will still know how to ride a horse and she WILL own cowgirl boots. Mark my words.



  1. it! I've been looking for the perfect pair of red cowgirl boots for Brooklyn since before she was born...

  2. i can totally picture the whole conversation with chris and everything, actually craking me up..