Wednesday, October 20, 2010

awkward AND funny

When your baby farts loudly in the elevator and people are left wondering if it was really her.

The day after you get married and everyone asks about your night. "well I lost my virginity and then we ordered room service..."

When you look at someone in the other lane on the freeway and they are picking their nose. I always make eye contact. If you are picking- just keep your eyes forward.

When you make a comment like "Yeah we almost named our kid Kimball, but then we thought about how cheesy utah that is." and they reply "This is our son Moroni."

When you see someone at Costco and you are like... I know them... where do I know them from?? And then you realize that they go to the Gynecologist you worked for.

Women who poop during labor. I realize this one isnt fair... Not making fun of you- just the situation.

When you have to breastfeed somewhere uncomfortable... like jimmie johns... and there are two 17 year old boys staring at you. I have a hooter hider on. You cant see my boobs. But the fact that you know they are out underneath and therefore must stare is weird.

When you post about a bunch of things that are awkward and then someone says "that isnt awkward I do that all the time." ................. AWKWARD.


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