Sunday, October 31, 2010


Lolli has no hair. Just a little blonde fuzz. But randomly she has one HAIR that is super long that we believe she has kept since birth. You can see it in the above picture... the faint line. It is about an inch long. We just cant cut it- it makes us laugh too hard and it is so Lolli. She likes to do everything just a little bit on the odd side.

Oh and we start her on medication soon to make her hemangioma go away. It made me a little nervous giving her medicine at only 6 months but the risk of her bumping it and bleeding for ages has gotten too high... she is a wiggle worm these days. It will be strange to see her without it.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

all hallows eve

I have like 500 baby food jars that I am sure will come in handy for something someday haha... so we painted some to use at candle holders.

I bet you can guess whose is whose... But just in case... mine is the cupcake and chris' is the weird Hannibal/asian/modern not-quite-sure-what-it-is pumpkin.

PS During the holidays but mostly Halloween I play a little game. We all know how to spell pumpkin right? well actually- no. Count how many times people misspell it. I cannot say I am not guilty of the error myself... I am pretty sure I have done "punkin" "pumkin" "punpkin". But seriously I have counted like 20 today. Tis the season!! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I think its funny...

My favorite time of the day is bed time... but not because of the sleep- because of the crazy conversations chris and I ALWAYS have right before bed. Sometimes they are giggle and fall asleep funny... but sometimes they are stifle your laugh so you dont wake the baby pee your pants funny. Last night was one of my favorites.

Oh and you'll need to know that chris and I spent our honeymoon on a beach in Australia in a city named Cronulla...

Katie "I miss being relaxed. I feel like I am anxious all the time. I just want to go on vacation and zone out for a day. That idea of freedom from stress, that makes me think of cronulla."

Chris"yeah thats the second thing I think of when I think of cronulla."

K "whats the first?"

C"what do you mean?"

K "well you said thats the SECOND thing you think of, whats the first?"

C "I think of cronulla, then I think of being relaxed."

I begin to laugh as I realize that chris isnt kidding and he doesnt have anything he thinks of before being relaxed...

K "that saying goes, when I think of cronulla the first thing I think of is...."

C "that doesnt make any sense. When I think of cronulla the first thing I think is- oh cronulla. the second thing I think of is being relaxed."

Again I am laughing hysterically. I try to explain to him again that the expression is "when i think of cronulla (so you have therefore already thought of it) the first thing i think of is (as in the first thought after this)..."

C "That isnt politically correct."

Again I am laughing hysterically. This time too loud and chris begins to stifle my laughs with his hand and say "shhh" between laughs.

K "honey this has nothing to do with political correctness. That isnt how you use that expression either."

He lies in bed a little confused and a little doubtful while I lean over and get my phone. I start typing and he looks over to see who I am texting. He sees that I am making a note so that I remember to blog about this conversation.

C "I dont even care because no one will think its funny."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

baby girls

Sometimes I think about high school and how hard it can be... trying to fit in and yet not sacrifice your own personality in the process. Finding out someone doesnt like you or said something mean about you. And I had a fairly easy time of it with tons of lds friends. But I wouldnt go back for anything. I worry about lorelai... about how sick the world will be then. Good thing I have a while to prepare her. :)

This song makes me cry. I love my baby girl. If you had a baby the same age... please tell them to be nice to her. Ill do the same for you.

Monday, October 25, 2010

lemon juice

Trying lemon juice:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

awkward AND funny

When your baby farts loudly in the elevator and people are left wondering if it was really her.

The day after you get married and everyone asks about your night. "well I lost my virginity and then we ordered room service..."

When you look at someone in the other lane on the freeway and they are picking their nose. I always make eye contact. If you are picking- just keep your eyes forward.

When you make a comment like "Yeah we almost named our kid Kimball, but then we thought about how cheesy utah that is." and they reply "This is our son Moroni."

When you see someone at Costco and you are like... I know them... where do I know them from?? And then you realize that they go to the Gynecologist you worked for.

Women who poop during labor. I realize this one isnt fair... Not making fun of you- just the situation.

When you have to breastfeed somewhere uncomfortable... like jimmie johns... and there are two 17 year old boys staring at you. I have a hooter hider on. You cant see my boobs. But the fact that you know they are out underneath and therefore must stare is weird.

When you post about a bunch of things that are awkward and then someone says "that isnt awkward I do that all the time." ................. AWKWARD.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i hate cars

They try to make it look cool. But its evil.

Today I am depressed/frustrated/stressed/enraged.

Today I took my car in because I have 3 problems. 1. the switch that makes the air change from blowing on your face to your feet or defrosting your window no longer works. Always blows on your face. 2. the window on the drivers side sometimes decides to not go up. The motor needs to be replaced. 3. The check engine light is on. They would like me to pay $540 for the first 2 problems... and then they will "look into" the last problem. Last time they did that it cost me over $500 to find out a part that cost $8 needed to be replaced.

And I just recently had my front rotors turned, got new brake pads on front and back, and had to get new drums. To the tune of $550.

So as you can probably guess, I am just a little disgruntled.

I think the place I go to sees a 16 year old girl with a baby (lets be honest I am lucky if they guess 18) and they mess me over as hard as physically possible.

I will admit this is my first and only car. I have had this thing since I was 15... it is now 8 years old. I didnt know what I was doing when I picked out my car... honda, chevy, ford... ??? All I saw was red (which I HATE now by the way) and I was sold. Chris and I have spent at least 3 thousand bucks repairing this thing in just the last 2 years. I am not talking oil changes- I am talking the speedometer broke, I have replaced the motor for the window on the other side, the fuel pump needed to be replaced..... ETC. I dont believe I have ever hated an object as much as this car.

I am thinking about getting an apartment near the hospital so I can just get rid of it. Chris can bike or walk to campus and if any emergency happens I will just run to the hospital. I can ride the bus... did it a lot when I was younger. Why not? No more repairs, no more car insurance, no more anxiety every time something shudders or makes a noise or the check engine light comes on. No more worrying about a car accident. No possibility of tickets... wow this list goes on and on. There are only 2 cons. I would HATE grocery shopping. And I would never see my family again.

Fine. Car- I would like you to know that I hate you. I feel you are high maintenance and you have lowered my expectations of vehicles in general. You are a disappointment to your kind. But you are paid off and I cant afford to make payments on something new so I will keep you for now. Its possible i will stop fixing you. I may just let you run yourself into the ground. But I will keep you. PS does anybody feel like totaling my car? you are welcome to it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

brits aren't cowboys

We had a stake activity that was western themed. Chili cook off, horse shoes, lots of food and this fun little photo station. I was obviously stoked. Got out my cowboys boots, my belt with the big buckle, my plaid shirt, my hat... I am american. OF COURSE i had the whole get-up on hand. Chris had nothing. It took me about an hour of convincing to get chris to even dress up. I told him he was more likely to get made fun of if he didnt dress up than if he did. (I kid you not on every 4th of july weekend when we sing America the beautiful in church people stare at him and laugh waiting for a reaction. He promptly smiles and rolls his eyes.) I told him that he loves his american wife and daughter and that he wouldnt be here if he didnt love this country. All true. So he agreed. He had to borrow a hat from the neighbor, he wore flip flops and one of his white button ups.... AND LOOKED RIDICULOUS.

I totally ate it up. Tried to get him to say yee-hah and the whole thing. There were actual ranchers and cowboys there in spurs and chaps and he was like "wow awesome costume" and they just looked at him blankly. Needless to say I was thoroughly entertained. This picture sums it up for me. Whats funny is he really just looks like indiana jones....

I always thought I'd be a cowgirl. I have pictures of me as a 2 year old in a diaper and cowgirl boots. But Lorelai will not grow up on a ranch- more likely in the middle of brooklyn (or hopefully manhattan one day). Dont worry though- she will still know how to ride a horse and she WILL own cowgirl boots. Mark my words.


Friday, October 15, 2010

different paths, the same direction

I miss these girls. Hadnt seen them in so long I can even remember. love you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

vegas, snot, and laughter.

I have been on a temporary hiatus from blogging. I went to Vegas and saw my fam-dam-bamily and a bunch of old friends. Saw one of my besties get married to her high school sweet heart. Got my hair did by another bestie (for the cost of the color!! Girl you rock my socks off). Got the best set of hand me down clothes I have ever received from my sister. Got my car fixed so it doesn't shake when I brake anymore... a little nerve wracking... thanks mom. All in all an amazing trip.

Got home and I was already bushed from a 6 hour drive there and back and taking care of the baby solo since chris had to stay in utah and work. And then Lorelai got a cold.

pause. breath....

I vow to wash my hands like a mad woman. I vow to limit taking lorelai out of the house as much as possible. I vow to avoid sick people as if they have leprosy.


I seriously do not think I could be more tired. I do not think I could be in more pain (oops did I mention I AM SICK TOO????) I am beyond my point of frustration or depression. I am too tired to do anything but feed and sleep, feed and sleep. Poor chris may have slept 5 hours last night (oh and I forgot to mention that CHRIS IS SICK TOO.) Lorelai cried and cried and wouldnt settle and even though he was in bed and I was the one rocking her- you cant sleep through my lollis cry. So he got up at six and went to work and school anyway, knowing he wouldnt come home for more than 12 hours minimum.

Now I know why everybody jokes about how rough their life was starting out. "I had to walk uphill in the snow both ways and we didnt eat anything but cabbage soup and my children never slept through the night until they were 1." Because some days it is so hard that if you dont laugh, you may just cry.

But really. It could be worse. So much worse. So tonight I say a prayer of thanks thats its not strep. That we are all still alive. That we have food to eat and a place to sleep that is warm and safe. And then I am going to snuggle my husband and laugh at the fact that I know I am not getting any sleep tonight. Laugh at the fact that everytime lolli settles down into sleep she chokes on her snot and starts crying again.... hahaha I am laughing right now. Its all good. Bring it on.

Note to self: next time you have a baby have family close by who can help when this kind of stuff happens.
2nd note to self: convince a family member to move with you when you go to new york.

and lets throw a ps in there as well. PS those nose sucker things are disgusting... and amazing. I watched my sister use it the experienced mom way and clear her nose in like 3 seconds. Now if only we lived close enough for her to do that right now.

Monday, October 4, 2010

My dream urban apartment

My friend Chelsea Allred gave me the tip to check out urban outfitters for apartment stuff... I havent even thought about urban since I moved to utah and I was missing out! thanks cutie girl!

If I won a shopping spree at urban outfitters:

*** drooling and snoring*** stretchhhhhh....... "oh no it was just a dream"

wish list

I realize it is a little early for a Christmas wish list but as you have probably guessed- I like to get things done and I like lists.

Things I want:


2. a sewing machine
3. someone to do my hair every 2-3 months
4. oops i bought number 4. Its a workout system. It is normally like 80 but I got it on ebay for 38 bucks with shipping and everything. From hong kong. haha we shall see how that works out. I promise to work out with it from home- I NEED the exercise. I am inspired. too bad it wont get here for 28-35 business days.
5. whatever my family decides to get me.

The end. Wait that was a horrible list. I cant really think of anything else I want tho... well...

more than anything what a want right now is a job i can do from home or bring lolli to. Please Santa!! make it happen!!!

Oh Lorelai wants to make a wish list too:
1. to see all my grandparents
2. to try pumpkin pie and whipped cream
3. a vintage peacoat this this one:

Sunday, October 3, 2010


They say you love people for their details. I agree. Although I am not sure who "they" are and maybe "they" didnt even say it but I think it's true.

Chris' hilarious quirks:
1 He loves pens and stationary. Art supplies. Got excited to by a rubber mat that you could cut on.
2 He gets more english around english people. I thought this was strange until I realized I get more jensen around my sisters. More Las Vegan at UNLV games.
3 He literally cannot put his towel away. He must use it and drop it wet on our bed or the floor. I put it away every single day. I dont even mind... Makes me laugh.
4 Orange cheese burns his throat- he is allergic. BUT white cheese is fine. I honestly thought he was kidding at first but its no joke. And raw carrots burn but if they are cooked they are fine. I cannot find a reason.
5. He loves to make out and cuddle. Awesome!!
6.He thinks the weirdest stuff is funny. Seriously I watch it and understand like 1/4 of it... and dont laugh once. But he has also introduced me to some stuff that makes me laugh so hard I pee my pants like this:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dont should on yourself.

Every once in a while I do what my mom calls "shoulding on myself".

I should have graduated high school early. I should have gone to BYU right out of high school. I should have gone to cosmetology school. I should have finished my degree before I got married. I should have finished my degree before I had a baby. I should have saved more money. I should have gone on a mission etc etc...

But I didnt. And I dont know why I do this. My wedding day was perfect for me- right time, right person, right place (the temple). I didnt graduate early- and my senior year taught me a lot of lessons I wouldnt trade. I didnt wait to have a baby so that I could finish my degree. And Lorelai is literally the joy of my life. She is my everything. She is what makes me smile when I wake up. Well her and Chris :). haha. Sure a mission would have been awesome but I get to teach my daughter the gospel everyday. And I can be a member missionary.

I think I do this because I think that somehow I could do whatever I "should" have done- and still have what I have now. But I wouldnt. The timing of meeting chris was so delicate that if it had been weeks before or weeks after it wouldnt have happened. If i hadnt have been working in an OBGYN office (instead of going to school) I wouldnt have found out about my endometriosis when I did. I wouldnt have had my amazing doctor to do my surgery and deliver my baby. And I had been offered a higher paying job the day before my interview with that office, but I felt the spirit tell me I was supposed to take the OBGYN job.

So I am making it a goal to stop shoulding. Because my life has been SO OBVIOUSLY directed. I am exactly where I need and want to be. I am so grateful for the simple blessings I have. Being in a happy and affectionate marriage feels so good its insane. And I am grateful for the blessing of being able to get pregnant. That is huge. Working in that OBGYN office taught me to never take that lightly- the pain of the inability to get pregnant or miscarrying must be so overwhelming. I cannot even understand it fully since I havent been there- but there have been a couple of times I came home from work and cried. Patients who were so excited, so hopeful. Breaks my heart. So I am grateful beyond belief for Lorelai. And the abiltity to be sealed to her. She is mine and I am hers no matter what.

After listening to the Relief Society broadcast I have thought so much about the fact that I am an example to Lorelai and I need to be better for both of us. So instead of shouldas... which dont change anything... I am making goals. I put them on my bathroom mirror with dry erase marker so chris can see them and hold me accountable. Hardest one so far? Cutting "crap", "freaking" and "shoulda" out of my vocabulary.