Saturday, September 11, 2010


Soccer or football? Well it depends on where your from. But I get tired of trying to say football so my husband knows what i am talking about and soccer so anyone else knows what I am talking about. So forevermore it is socball. That way no one knows what i'm talking about.

Chris is playing in an intramural league with his cousin Dave. His game was at 915pm last friday but me and lolli were too excited and came despite the late start time. It may not have been victorious this first game but it was.... attractive. :) I told chris it made me feel like I could see him in high school... you know when you go to your boyfriend's games. Needless to say I like a little competitive edge in a man. Athleticism is beauty.

Not that you can tell since the lighting was HORRIBLE and the pictures arent great...

Chris posing for the camera pre-game. We got him cleats like 45 minutes before his game.

Cousin dave doing the disco/calling for the ball. His football gear was very chic- we were jealous.

Thats chris hunched over the ball about to take a shot. Sports were invented to make girls like boys. Just a theory.


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