Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Thinking a lot today about how lucky I am. Just to be alive. To be married and in love. To have a healthy baby.

Chris' friend Dane was recently swimming in the lake and got hit by a boat. The boat ripped his abdomen and leg to shreds and he nearly died. Without the spirit and the will of god he WOULD have died. It gives me chills to think about- brings tears to my eyes. His wife, watching him get hit, seeing the water fill with blood. I cannot imagine. I hurt for them. I cannot help but cry even as I sit here to type. If you want to read about his full story you can do that here: http://brockfam.wordpress.com/

I think about their medical expenses with him being in the hospital for the next many months and so many surgeries. I think about the pain he must be in and the frustration he must feel as he cant hardly move. And his wife, having to sit by and watch him hurt, watch him struggle.

They are so strong and will surely recover from this, will be even stronger for it. I don't honestly know how people live without the gospel. How they get through the inevitable sadnesses of life. I lean so much on Christ, so much on his atonement, and my life is comparably cake.

So as silly as it is to blog about something so serious, I thought it was really one of the few things I could do to help. We are sending him a care package with what we can as well. If you are interested in sending him anything his address is on the website above.

His story reminded me of this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHDvxPjsm8E

We are thinking of you Dane and Rachel. We are praying for you. Good luck.

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  1. Not lucky...blessed...with different trials... We were thinking the same thing as we listened to Elder Scott's CES talk about his kids and wife passing away...
    We feel blessed, and hope to be able to still see the Lord's hand and feel blessed, no matter what comes!