Thursday, September 23, 2010

I think its funny....

So I know that I need to get more pictures on here... lets be real sometimes you just open someone's blog, look at the pictures and leave without reading a word. And by you I mean me. Soon I promise. I have started literally 5 new DIY projects... but I haven't finished a single one yet! oops... I get too excited and start the next one before I finish the first. Anyway another blog post with no pictures... but its on my mind.

I think its funny:
that I get so impatient when the mac takes more than 3 seconds to load a new web page when I can distinctly remember using a pc on dial-up when i would click on something and start my laundry because I knew it was going to be a while.

when people take pictures of themselves shirtless/in a bikini and use it as their profile picture on facebook... like really??

that sometimes I turn on cat in the hat when lorelai is really fussy... but lets be honest I am watching it not her.

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