Thursday, September 23, 2010

A day in the life...

6:15 alarm goes off- chris has learned to wake up to it on his own but I haven't learned to sleep through it. Chris gets in the shower and I lay awake for 1/2 hour.
6:45 Chris comes in and we say a prayer, he leaves for school/work.
7:00 lolli wakes up- I feed her. She is too sleepy to eat so I have to constantly stroke her cheek to get a full feeding in. We cuddle... she gets bored and mad that I am crowding her space.
7:30 I pull myself out of bed and put her on a blanket on the floor in the front room. I hang up chris' wet towel which is inevitably on the floor, clean up whatever mess chris made by getting ready in the bathroom, put any dishes in the dishwasher and start a load of laundry.
7:50 Play with lolli... I look like an idiot and she loves it. I maybe eat some cereal or toast. Maybe we watch cat in the hat for 15 minutes.
8:10 Lolli start to whimper and whine- time for her first nap. Swaddle her up, bink in the mouth and rock her until she isn't crying anymore. Rock her a little longer just because i love it when she is peaceful and she only really cuddles when shes sleepy. Put her in her crib.
8:20 Lolli is asleep- should I get in the shower or facebook stalk and blog. yeah ALWAYS the latter.
9:00 lolli wakes up. Feed her again. Read a book, sing wheels on the bus and if you're happy and you know it like five hundred times. She giggles and it makes me feel like I am the coolest person alive.
(this part of my day goes by so fast. from 9-11 I am not even sure what really happens. The only thing I can be sure of is that I feed her the big girl food. Currently loving mangoes so much her eyes light up.)
11:00 lolli start to whine- time for another nap. Always the same routine- swaddle, bink, sing (stille nacht... german silent night... starting to get pumped for christmas) and rock until she is quiet, put her down.
11:15 lolli is sleeping... time to shower. I make myself feel bad like everyday that I am showering at 11 but if its routine then I shouldn't feel bad right?????
11:30 showered and feeling great. Id like to say the next part is blowdry my hair and put on makeup but im trying to be truthful here. Get on the comp or more cleaning. craft projects... what ever.
1:30 lolli wakes up. It is this instant I realize I forgot to eat lunch. feed lolli. go eat a pb&j. More singing/nonsense.

ok the rest of my day gets really repetitive. Lorelai likes it that way.

6:30 start to make dinner. This is my time to relax. Generally Lolli is on the floor in the kitchen eating her hands and laughing at me as I try to cook food in 3 different pans and entertain her all at the same time.
7:00 Chris gets home... maybe. hopefully. we eat. talk about our day, use the itouch to read a chapter of scriptures together. Lorelai starts to fuss so we only read 1/2. Put lolli to bed while chris starts homework.
7:45 back on the internet, make chris a lunch if we don't have leftovers from dinner, bake cookies if i am craving.
8:30 lolli wakes up. feed her. Entertain lolli while chris is still doing homework... can you tell this semester is making me want to cry?
10:00 chris puts lolli to bed. We get in bed and talk for a few minutes, have a good cuddle. This is about all the time I get with him these days. Prayer. Bed.


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