Tuesday, August 3, 2010

brits vs americans

So i am asking Chris what he wants for dinners next week and we are trying to spice things up with new recipes. We are trying to eat more fruits and veg since we are both lacking iron. Anyway I asked Chris how he would feel about me making eggplant parmigiana and he gets all confused and we have to google what an eggplant is. He tells me it looks like an aubergine. "A WHAT?" so then we google aubergine just to find out its an eggplant. OH my. Then he says he thinks that dinner sounds weird since an eggplant is not a good substitute for chicken, its more like a courgette. "A WHAT?" Let me translate... its the word Chris uses for zucchini. Sometimes we seriously speak a different language.

PS you know that smell at the body shop called satsuma... yeah its not just a scent... its a fruit that Chris has actually consumed. He says it looks like a clementine. Which, by the way, he pronounces clem-en-teen. So i ask him how he pronounces the holiday on feb 14th.... catching my drift he says "val-en-teens day". ohhhhhhh love that man.

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  1. Amen! Grocery shopping over here is a nightmare until you get the hang of the 'language'.