Thursday, July 8, 2010


Chris and I took Lorelai to the Dr today for her 2 month check up. I cant believe she is already more than 2 months old! I see other people's babies and it honestly feels like she is so big already! Granted, she started out a couple pounds heavier than most of the babies i've seen, but still her time of being little seemed gone within a couple weeks! At her appt today she was 13 1/2 pounds... gaining weight rapidly. And she has grown 2 inches since the last visit! She is the 99.4 percentile for height and the 97.6 percentile for weight so she is a big girl! We asked the dr about her birth mark on her head because it seemed like it was getting bigger/darker. He said it is a hemangioma which is a benign tumor or blood vessels (dont worry its totally no big deal!), basically he said it could keep getting bigger until she was 1 and then it will get smaller and go away in her toddler years. I googled images of hemangiomas and i will tell you we are lucky! they can be ridiculously big and in far worse places... eye lids, the tip of the nose, the tongue etc. Here is a video of what she looks like lately... she is getting really strong and can support her weight sitting or standing but is still a little wobbly of course.


  1. Um, I think your docs are smokin' crack over there!! ALLERGIES?? Are you kidding me? Glad to hear you've got another doc with his head screwed on right!
    Mama intuition is usually the best thing to go by. You know your baby better than anyone else:) And what cute little chubby chub she is! Can't wait for her and V to hang out!!!

  2. I cant believe your baby is 2 months!! CRAZY! I just miss you and hope everything is going good!!

  3. Love it when I'm right. Good luck figuring her out Katie!