Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the beginning of a laugh

10 weeks old! crazy! Its fun to see her progress. She can support her weight standing and sitting (though a little wobbly), roll from her belly onto her back, and now... she is starting to chuckle! Its just the beginning of a laugh but it makes me and chris laugh so hard we cry.

Also, my visiting teaching companion gave me a book that I have come to LOVE."the secrets of a baby whisperer" Its written by an english woman so she is constantly calling the readers yanks and using words like "paci" instead of binkie but that makes me feel right at home haha. We have employed her program in lolli and she has slept "through the night" (from 11pm to 5 or 6 am) 3 nights in a row!!!! And it doesnt require letting your baby cry for hours...

In the new system its E.A.S.Y. :) Eat Activity Sleep Your time. I nurse her, we play or go for a walk, take a bath whatever, then i take her into her darkened room and we do our sleep routine (i sing to her and rock her in the rocking chair) but ONLY until her eyes get droopy. Then i lay her in the crib and give her the binkie and she puts herself the rest of the way to sleep. This took some major coaxing at first. Also i had to get different binks since she wouldnt take the ones we had. But now i sing, put her down, and walk out of the room. So we fall asleep at the same time and i get 6 or 7 hours sleep!! SWEET!!

Also just as an update... no allergy to foods. She seems to be fine with everything. Thanks for saying something Candi! I might have gone chocolateless for a long time for no reason!


  1. Ok this is SO adorable. She's beautiful kaite.

    P.s. All those cupcakes up look delicious. I'm going to go make some now.

  2. Chris - it's so crazy that you guys have a baby. she is beautiful. It's fun to see my wingman growing up.