Wednesday, June 30, 2010

blonde or brunette?

You know what this is about... Its been 5 months since i've had my hair done and its gotta happen. Every time I think- alright I want it colored but what should i do? I know that I dont want highlights or multiple colors... however it is achieved I basically just want all of it one color. I am leaning toward blonde. Opinions?


  1. It's been a year for me since my last hair appointment! SCARY hair resides on my head. I would LOVE to be all blonde again. I think you look great blonde, but OH MAN, the upkeep is such a hassle!! I think you look great dark as well. I don't know. It's summer time, summer is a good time to lighten up?? No?

  2. I love it brown... but I think if you did it to look like jessica simpson blonde I would like that too... and dixie is right, the upkeep with blonde when your hair isnt so naturally blonde anymore, is ridiculous! lol I miss you!

  3. i LOVE you blonde. i think it looks good with your skin tones. like when you were daisy duke. i love those pics of us. HOT :). but brown is def easier to keep up on, and afterall we are moms and do we really have time for that? lol love ya