Thursday, June 24, 2010

birthday boy!!

Chris' birthday was yesterday... 25 years!! A quarter of a century! We started the day off with a fry up and presents (most of which were clothes... he was in serious need... and some black licorice and german cookies) and then we had a world cup themed cake, and dinner out to Shoots. I was so impressed by the restaurant! Best chinese I've had in provo. We are continuing our shopping spree tonight thanks to some birthday money from my mom, grandma, and sister. thanks!!!

My knowledge of technology is struggling... I couldn't figure out why the pictures I downloaded onto facebook came out tiny, then i couldn't figure out why they wouldn't even let me put the pictures onto the blog, and now I cant understand why this video which is like one minute long is taking about 6 hours to download. I even tried it on both the PC and the Mac. Struggle. That's what happens when your husband gets an SLR camera and a mac and takes them with him to campus every day and then he knows how to use all of it and I sit in confusion. I am trying really hard to be tech savvy but I miss my desk top PC with windows and my canon camera with 4.5 mega pixels from high school... don't tell my husband I said so.

Lorelai is getting chunkier and chunkier. 12 lbs 3 oz last sat and continuing to gain weight rapidly. My favorite part is that her pucker is getting fatter and fatter. I love those squishy lips.

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